Have You Accepted this Truth About Full Time Blogging?

Blogging demands a really nasty riddle for you to uncover and accept if you want to blog full-time.

Do you want to be a pro blogger? Accept this truth.

Full-time blogging requires a full-time effort well before you make a penny.

How does that sound? Maybe kind of sobering? But understanding and accepting this truth puts you on your full-time blogging journey.

I lived in Fantasyland for years because I believed I could go pro with an amateur hour effort. Fat Chance. I only position myself to go pro when I generously helped people for 6, 8, 10 to 12 hours a day.

Generous service precedes your professional blogging career. But you may not make a penny while you’re generously helping people during the early days. This is the point where most bloggers panic and quit.

Which is exactly why most bloggers never go pro.

Bloggers who generously trust in the process and see through these temporary droughts position themselves to become full-time, professional bloggers.

Full-Time Effort

Do you want to earn a full-time income through blogging.

Put in a full-time, generous effort. Work without pay. Every day. Sometimes for months, and sometimes for years. Eventually, all the skills you developed and exposure you gained by working generously for free, yield money for your blogging efforts.

Being in a lot of places at once as a skilled, trusted blogger boosts your income slowly but steadily over time.

But you need to keep giving without expecting anything, even if times appear to be tough. Do not panic. Do not bail on a proven system. Trust professional bloggers.

If you help people and trust in the process you will succeed over the long haul. See your blogging journey through.

Have You Accepted this Truth About Full Time Blogging? 2

Accept this truth: blogging gives you what you get blogging. Think about that statement for a few moments before you move on.

What have you given blogging recently?

Have you been generous with blogging?

Have you been stingy?

Be straight with yourself. Being honest with yourself is the only way to right your blogging ship if you’re about to sink. Eventually, every professional blogger makes it because they were generous when times seemed tough.

Ride out these lean moments. Be even more generous. Release expectations.

Create and connect your way to a blogging fortune by seeing the journey through during the lulls.

Full-time blogging requires a full-time effort of doing what you need to do to succeed.

Create helpful content. Build meaningful connections with top bloggers. Trust in the process. Believe that you are cared for.

Never stop giving. Every full-time blogger generously gave of their time and talents before making money at a full-time clip. This is the basic truth of blogging and any entrepreneurial venture.


Are you struggling with your blog. Honestly observe your generosity. Or lack thereof. Success finds generous bloggers.

Struggles fine stingy bloggers. Success finds persistently generous bloggers.

Struggles find bloggers who generously give one day but stingily hold back the following day. We’re looking at the full body of work guys.


Blogging will always give you what you give to blogging. Be patient, be persistent and keep being generous.

Do not turn down opportunities to write blog posts or to submit guest posts.

Comment genuinely on blogs.  The more you give the more you get with blogging and in life.

Full-time bloggers gave a full-time, generous effort well before they made a full time income. Accept this truth and you will be well on your way to become a pro blogger.


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