Hang with the Blogging Big Dawgs to Succeed

I gaze upon the snowy Hudson River in beautiful NYC. Imagine a winter wonderland. We expect to get about 3 inches of snow today. How gorgeous. What a peaceful sight. Writing these words now, I may wander across the street in a few moments to buy a cup of coffee. Gotta love NYC coffee, right? I am a seasoned, 10 year, pro blogger. I live a fun, freeing life. Do you think it makes sense to hang out with me, learn from me, help me, befriend me and gain inspiration from me? Or do you think it makes sense to hang out with struggling veteran and lost new bloggers on some Facebook Group, all strangers, the struggling crowd, leading the struggling crowd? Please; for a split second, just think this one through. Do not lie to yourself. Be straight with yourself. Of course you need to hang out with me to learn how to succeed and to become a successful blogger; no brainer.

Why do most bloggers hang out with failed bloggers, promoting their failure? Hanging out with failed, struggling bloggers feels comfortable, safe and cozy. No struggling bloggers calls you on your BS. No failing blogger is 100% straight with you. No failed blogger exposes your shadows. Even though you live in a failed blogging comfort zone of misery, depression and sorrow, at least these fellow losing bloggers do not expose your fears, your lies you tell to yourself, and all the pain you need to feel and release, in order to succeed. Phew! You feel terrible, but at least, you don’t have to own your problems, feel your fears, and succeed…LOL! Do you see how insane that sounds? Most bloggers prefer to fail, to feel terrible, because doing so feels safe, comfortable and normal.

Hang with the Blogging Big Dawgs to Succeed 2

Do you want to succeed? Hang out with me. I inspire, educate, entertain and nudge you to succeed in blogging. But I do not spare the rod. I tell you the truth because telling people the truth is the only way to help bloggers succeed. I see you clearly. You, likely, do not see yourself clearly, because your ego-fear-pain does not allow you to see yourself clearly. I have offered sound, successful blogging advice to struggling bloggers who immediately vanish, disappearing, struggling and failing, preferring misery and failure over seeing themselves in the light of truth. Do you want to be happy, free and successful? Hang out with successful bloggers. Pros teach you how to be happy, free and successful. We help you feel REALLY good! But FIRST, you will likely feel REALLY bad because you need to face, feel and release fears fueling your delusion, your struggle and your failure. I often advise struggling bloggers to face their fear. Most of these folks either disagree, their ego thinking it’s something else, or these folks disappear completely like a magical vanishing act, hehehehe šŸ™‚

Guess what? Surrounding yourself *only* with successful bloggers helps you quickly see you cannot bullcrap yourself and succeed. We do not lie to ourselves. We are straight with ourselves. That is why we succeed, and, it’s also why we surround ourselves only with successful people. Pros keep you on the successful path through their shining example and clear, focused counsel. Everybody else lies to themselves, hanging out with failures who teach you how to be comfortable, how to struggle and how to fail. Hang with pros. Learn how to become a pro. Be a pro. Become a pro.


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