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Sometimes we all need a not so subtle reminder. Get to blogging work. Stop scrolling through YouTube videos. Put in the time. No one succeeds by being distracted. Recall why you blog. Fun and freedom play chief roles. Would you rather get lost in a silly YouTube vortex? Or would you rather live a life of fun and freedom through blogging? Most of us know the answer. All of us know the answer. But getting to work feels highly uncomfortable sometimes. I feel exhausted. Operating on 4 hours of sleep, I barely napped for 10 minutes. My body refuses to pass out. I feel completely tired but cannot sleep. What’s next? Blogging. I blog. I get to work. Sure I have choices. I definitely have unlimited options on a Friday night. Go out? Hang out? Watch Netflix? I did work quite a bit today. This marks my 6th or 7th post I think, between blog posts and guest posts. But I get to work because working positions me to be more free. Plus I get to free more folks through blogging. See these dual benefits. Free yourself. Free your readers. Get to work daily.

One lesson I learned during my world travels – buy this eBook to learn more – is how being uncomfortable leads to massive growth and freedom. Money, traffic and unlimited sweetness flow to you well outside of your comfort zone. But exiting your comfort zone routinely makes the difference. Any blogger feels uncomfortable for a few minutes daily, no sweat. Champion bloggers feel uncomfortable on and off for hundreds to thousands of hours. I mean not feeling highly uncomfortable for 1000 plus hours straight. But I do mean feeling uncomfortable on and off daily for 2 to 4 to 10 years of your life as you amplify your blogging success exponentially. Seize this secret. Be uncomfortable. Get to work. Work daily. Work routinely. Successful bloggers put in work and time. Everybody else fails because no one succeeds dodging blogging work and putting in no time. Workers win. Quitters fail and disappear. What are you? A winning worker? Or have you quit and failed until now? Don’t worry. Change course at any time. Put in work and time to position yourself to succeed.

Get to Work 2

Know why you blog. Tie the reason to something fun and freeing. We seek fun and freedom before all else. Be with fears until your fun and freedom dominates. Eventually, make the shift. Sometimes it takes a bit of time, but mental effort is well worth changing from fear-laziness-hopelessness to love-energized-possibility. Be with it. Put in the mental work. Why do you blog. Be focused heavily on freedom. I love being free to circle the globe. I have no issues putting in the work. Any time I feel a little lazy, my love of freedom takes over. Work done. But you need to find your intimate, freeing reason to blog. Do you blog for your freedom from a 9-5 job? Do you blog to free your family? Do you blog to spend more time with your family? Only you know and the reason needs to be intimate to drive you through tough blogging times. See the journey through. 100% of the time, focusing on your fun, freeing driver is worth the uncomfortable work you gotta put in, in order to succeed online. Freedom always wins! Remember that. Then, get down to work. You can do it. I believe in you. Now it is time for you to believe in you as you put in the work to become a successful blogger.

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