Form Versus Function: Do You Gauge Your Blog Honestly?

I read many travel blogs brimming with helpful content but loading as slowly as molasses on a freezing winter day. I totally get it; dynamic ads and specific plugins can increase your blogging profits. We all deserve to profit. But what happens at the tipping point? You know; the point where more folks exit blogs than stick around to click ads and buy stuff?

I always keep my blog function in mind over the form, or, how my blog appears, because function trumps form every time. Performance overcomes the appearance of blogs because people want fast and easy over everything else. As for form; ample white space, words, and a few ads suffices nicely. No blogger needs anything else. But many travel bloggers stunt their growth because they refuse to see and honor scale as a concept. Imagine loading your blog with ads and using heavy widgets for whatever reason. Perhaps you make $1000 monthly through ads. Cool. But what about the 1000 people who exit your blog immediately every day when your blog loads painfully slowly? Have you ever pondered how much money you’d make through various income streams with an extra 30,000 targeted visitors monthly? A lot more than $1000.

Form Versus Function: Do You Gauge Your Blog Honestly? 2

Imagine deleting dynamic ads. Out goes the $1000 but in flies the 1000 extra visitors daily. This, my friends, is scale. You envision a bigger, more targeted, massive audience and design your blog to attract this crowd, establishing a lightning fast load time and simple, clear user experience. 30,000 extra visitors daily turns into almost 360,000 visitors yearly. Picture 360,000 more visitors flowing to your blog monthly, in addition to your current traffic. Wow? Imagine opening 10 income streams? You will obliterate that $1000 monthly ad income because you scaled, versus desperately holding on to 1 grand a month in income and sending a hefty of visitors to the halls fast, daily, due to your painfully slow blog load time.

Before you bog down your blog with heavy plug ins and dynamic ads, ponder where you plan to be in 2 years. Do you plan on still making 1000 bucks a month and annoying and turning off and repelling 1000 visitors daily because of your slow load time? Or would you rather pull the ads, release the 1000 bucks a month, and position yourself to make 5,000 to 10,000 bucks a month with the extra 30,000 visitors you receive monthly, because of your lightning fast blog load time?

This is why you need to have a vision. This is why you cannot blog in survival mode. See beyond today. See beyond this year. Be in the moment. Be present. Being present helps you clearly see the blessing in visualizing your blog and life a few years down the road. Versus trying to make enough money to get by now you position yourself to make a fortune months and years down the road. Spend time in quiet. Assess where you wish to be with your blog. Ponder form over function, or more importantly, how to prioritize function over form on your blog. Never allow your craving for a solid and steady paycheck to override the brilliance of where you and your blog may be 2 years down the road, if you develop  vision and prep your blog for massive scaling.


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