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I found my blogging style through consistent practice. Practicing daily allowed my words to flow. Your style may be different. Your style will be different. We all have different styles. Makes us stand out from the crowd.

But one only finds their style by putting in the time. I blogged for hours daily. But over a decade, I blogged for 15,000 hours. Blogging for 15K hours allowed my voice to arise, to surface.

What is your blogging style? What feels most fun, freeing and enjoyable to you? I experiment with things here and there but always keep my fun in mind. For example, a few weeks ago I began engaging quite a bit on Twitter and Facebook. But diving in to an aggressive, in-depth, engaging social media campaign burned me out. Fast. I did not have fun engaging throughout the day.

Energy means everything. Feel good. Have fun. Find your style. Succeed.

Moving in the different direction, doing something solely because someone told you to do it – even if doing it feels tense, strained and stressful – makes for a big time mistake often made by most bloggers.

I used to be this guy. People told me to do specific blogging stuff. Successful bloggers clued me in to their strategies. I blindly followed their advice. Why? I figured how success leaves clues. Follow the clues. Succeed. But I ignored the energetic component of blogging.

I did stuff mindlessly, even though doing the stuff felt boring, strained and forced. Since where your attention and energy goes, grows, my boring, strained, forced energy led to fear-filled struggle and failure. My energy – and your energy – makes all the difference. I never found my style because I forced things. But when I followed my fun – independent of pro blogging advice – things improved.

I found my blogging style. Finding my blogging style involved ignoring list-building (largely) and doing SEO. Both activities felt heavy, forced and strained to me. I decided not to blindly follow advice if the strategy felt heavy to work. Things changed for me. I succeeded because I had fun sticking to my blogging style, blogging, guest posting and promoting fellow bloggers. That’s all I needed to do to succeed.

Blogging your style allows you to save time, to manage your energy effectively, to succeed online and to enjoy the ride, too. Loving the journey is key to blogging your style. Everything depends on you and your willingness to follow your flow. What style appeals to you? Do you enjoy writing or podcasting? Do you love broadcasting live or guest posting?

Or perhaps you dig combining multiple blogging strategies? Everything is your call because only you know what feels good, fun, freeing and fulfilling. Find your style by doing what works for you, not by doing stuff just because successful bloggers tell you to do it.

Follow blogging fundamentals. Create helpful content. Build meaningful connections through your generosity. But never do things mindlessly because you will pay the price if you blog from a strained, forced energy.

Relax. Try out a strategy bandied about by a pro blogger. Does it work for you? Does it feel fun to work? Awesome. Follow that path. But if it feels heavy, strained or forced, never follow that path. Go in a different direction.

Listen to your intuition. Follow your flow. Trust your gut. Listen to your fun. Doing what feels fun to you allows you to be generous, patient and persistent for the long haul. This is the starting point to being a successful blogger.

Follow your fun to find your own authentic, success-promoting blogging style.

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