Find this Mix to Get Your Head out of the Blogging Clouds

10 years ago, I lived in Blogging Fantasy Land. I literally acted like I’d been sniffing glue for the prior 10 years….because I genuinely believed I could appear on the world famous Oprah Winfrey show with zero blogging experience. My story would carry me. Pier guard turned pro blogger. Yeah…right. I did have a cool story. But people who appear on shows with 20 million viewers need like 10,000 or 20,000 hours of practice in their niche to be MASTERS of their gig. MASTERS. I mean, world famous type folks. Stupid fast, I had been grounded like planes any time a typhoon powers through. I woke up. How? Finding the mix between optimism and realism grounded me to level me off for this journey.

Example; my early blogging days seemed like an emotional roller coaster. I prepared to puke at any moment. 1 second, I prepped myself to be sitting across from Oprah. I was the best! 2 seconds later, I felt like the worst blogger on earth, being worthless and doubt-filled and totally overwhelmed by all I needed to learn, study and put into practice, to become a successful blogger. How in the heck did I get through these pendulum-type emotional swings? I just simply felt my fears, eased into my pain and took the critical step of finding a mix between being super optimistic and hopeful about my future while being fully grounded in realism. Like, I began knowing super fast how this journey would eat up a good 5-10 years of my life, along with 10,000 plus hours of blogging effort. Hey. It is, what it is. We need to be truthful with ourselves to become successful bloggers. Lying to self only makes the journey harder because delusional forces you to do dumb, failing, struggle-inducing stuff.

But blogging is not all about cold, hard facts. Hope! I needed to be hopeful, and also needed to feel optimism. Why in the heck would I blog unless I felt optimistic about succeeding, eh? We need hope to move forward. We need believe we will live our dreams through blogging. Otherwise you just engage in slow, steady blogging torture, for the hopeless, if you have no blogging hope, eh?

My mix of hope and realism let me see this journey through. Think oil and vinegar, but these emotions do mix a tiny bit. One cannot be hopeful and hopeless in the same moment. We just need to find that magical midpoint between the two energies aka emotions aka feelings (why aka?) in order to blog successfully over the long haul. I liken it to knowing this gig takes thousands of hours for steady work so you know, this is the truth. Or, this is reality. But temper the realism with a strong accent of hope. Flavor the realism with optimism. Hey! You may be blogging 10,000 hours but you will be living in Fiji, Bali and Costa Rica, for months or years, eventually. Doesn’t being optimistic feel good? Doesn’t feeling hopeful feel good? No one craves being a staunch realist with no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. Let go self-punishing ways. No masochists here. Be realistic. Be optimistic, too. Find the mid-point between the two predominant emotions to see this journey through. Do that delicious dance. Doing the dance, finding the midpoint, you ground yourself but never anchor yourself down. Almost like walking forward in the direction of what you want. Sure, you remain grounded while walking. But you also head to your desired destination in the process, stoking your optimistic fires.



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