Face Blogging Fear Now

Before it gets worse down the road, just face blogging fear now. All gets so much easier when you face blogging fear now because it gets handled, addressed and you start doing successful stuff with your blogging campaign now, versus running into endless problems down the road. For example, my blogging course for getting featured on famous blogs has been priced a few different ways. Never got too clear on the $350 price. I did not sell it much. Naturally, I buried the problem for a bit, foolishly, to see no sales over a long stretch. Eventually, I faced the blogging fear of not selling many copies of the course, changed pricing to a monthly model, and generated some subs for the monthly model. Sweet recurring payments, for a bit.

But when sales slowed for a while I just owned how monthly subs need continual content updated and added. Think Netflix or Hulu. Right? Rather than force the monthly pricing by adding and updating content – not worth my time and effort – I faced the fear of price changing, ate it head on and changed my pricing to $100 for the course. Not too much. Nor too little. JUST right. Like the baby bear. But if it doesn’t sell as I wished it’d sell, or if something seems off, I just change the price again down the road. Why? Facing blogging fear now helps you avoid facing the same but stronger, deeper fear down the road. Imagine 10 years down the road, not facing my course selling fear of my $350 price and no sales, I sell zero course copies at $350, some 10 years down the road. Think of that. For just a moment. 10 years. Zero profits through one of my income channels. Talk about a massive problem easily avoided if I had just faced my fear some 9 years prior? Or some 9 and a half years prior? Even though it feels scary to feel fear, we need to feel fear in order to be free of the fear, to think clearly, and to make successful blogging choices.

Fear binds you, closes your mind and accelerates your blogging failure. Facing, feeling and releasing your blogging fears opens your mind, moves you in successful directions and of course, accelerates your blogging success. But you need to make a firm, definite decision to face, feel and release fear now in order to become successful over the long haul, because unless you face fear now you lose clarity, focus and drive, to see the successful solution. Simply be with these unpleasant, scary, fear-filled energies. Feels bad, eh? No worries. Fear passes, and you see successful solutions clearly. Like magic. But it is not magic. Simply, we solve problems by feeling fears fueling problems. I was stingy for many years blogging-wise because I feared wasting my time and failing. Facing those deep fears, I dissolved the fears and observed my success solution as simply being super duper generous every single day.

Face your fears now, edge into problems head on, and solutions must reveal themselves quickly, easily and seamlessly. Avoid your fears now, you keep slamming into problems, and solutions seem to hide from you, forever, until you decide to face, feel and release deep blogging fears. All depends on you. People can inspire you but nobody forces you to face blogging fears now. That’s your choice. Decide to face fear to liberate yourself from all problems the fear creates. Sounds like an intelligent approach to me.


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