Does Your Blogging Campaign Need More Relaxation?

All professional bloggers who enjoy the ride blog from a relaxed energy. Do you need to inject more relaxation into your blogging campaign? Slow down a bit. Calm down. Enjoy the ride. Here’s a fun fact: blogging from a relaxed energy allows you to succeed more quickly.

Imagine living your dreams right now. Step into that mental picture to allow it to come alive. From that type of energy, you quickly feel like your dreams are coming true. Blogging success seems like a certainty. Everything feels good. Now you can slow down, calm down and enjoy the journey from a confident blogging energy. This is the perfect starting point for adding greater relaxation to your blogging campaign. No longer do you fix to some strict schedule. Nor do you tie two outcomes. Now relaxation takes over your being. Now you begin blogging from a chill, detached energy. Perfect starting point to blog from an intelligent, abundant space.

Be mindful of your blogging energy. Face and release any fears fueling chaos or frenzy. Begin blogging from a chill, confident energy. You got this. Success will be yours. Every professional blogger who loves the journey blogs from a chill energy. Professional bloggers know that good things take time and generous service. The more you take your time, the more relaxed you become and the more you note success expanding for you.

It’s really a beautiful journey when you go slowly and enjoy the ride. Plus you will add all of those important blogging details critical to succeeding online. For example, I promote my eBooks like I breathe. Promoting yourself freely from a confident, clear energy is one key step to becoming a professional blogger. I never forget the detail of adding an eBook link to every blog post and guest post I publish. Doing this allows my success to expand. I only do this because I blog from a relaxed energy, never missing those critical details that allowed me to become a professional blogger.

Fear frees you. Freeing yourself expands your success. Never missing details ensures you blog from a more fearless energy. I discussed this concept of diving into fear during one of my trips to Bali:

Note your current blogging campaign. Inject relaxation into your blogging strategies. Perhaps you’re commenting on top blogs in your niche. Good job. But maybe you need to relax a little bit in order to publish one, two or three paragraphs, to make a greater impact. The moment you relax is the moment you see how you can change your blogging campaign to experience greater success. Instant shift. Everything may seem a bit cloudy or muddy but slowing down, calming down and taking a few deep breaths reveals that relaxing shows you the bigger blogging picture. Increased traffic? Do you want it? Relax. Observe what you can do and more importantly how you can feel while doing it, to increase your blog traffic. The tips are right in front of your eyes. Chill out a little bit to seize and use these tips from a generous, patient and knowing energy.

Once again, I advise you to visualize your dreams in great detail. This is an important step to adding relaxation to your blogging campaign. Once you see your vision in mind, you know it’s coming true. Knowing that it’s coming true, you begin being the professional blogger in your dreams, right now, in the physical world. Success will expand for you. You’ll begin guest posting generously and networking genuinely. As you take the steps from a relaxed, confident energy, your traffic and blogging income will increase slowly but steadily over time. Your mental picture made all the difference in the world.

Visualize your dreams. Feel amazing about everything coming into form as a professional blogger. Immediately, you’ll begin being the professional blogger who lives those dreams. Being generous is your true nature. Relaxing just a little bit reveals this truth to you. Being patient, persistent and trusting are your natural states. Slowing down, calming down and taking a few deep breaths also reveals this great life truth. These states of mind are the professional blogger ways of thinking, feeling, acting and being. Relaxing even a tiny amount unearths fears for you to clear so you can begin blogging from a chill, successful energy.

Surround yourself with relaxed bloggers. Confident, peaceful bloggers influence you with their relaxed energy. Imagine yourself being a blogging sponge, soaking up the good vibes of confident people around you. Then you become more confident and relaxed. Being confident and relaxed inspires you to be generous, patient, persistent and knowing that your dream vision is coming into form. Everything you do from that point forward will expand into greater success because your relaxed vibe will make it so.


Consider meditating daily to expand your relaxation. This simple practice heightens your awareness. Expanding your awareness helps you to face, feel and release fears blocking your relaxed, natural vibe. First off though, address your blogging campaign. Do you need more relaxation? Professionals blog from a chill vibe. Be relaxed to follow their professional lead. Being relaxed helps you spot all the details that make the difference between failure and success. Be generous, confident and chill in all you do online. Visualize your dreams. Know that your dreams are coming true.

Now you can slow down, calm down, and enjoy the blogging journey as your success expands in front of your eyes.


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