Does Mass Fear Cripple Your Blog?

Mass fear APPEARS to grip the world in its wicked talons, now.

But fear is not real. Fear is illusion. Fear is used by un-well men with worldly power to manipulate the masses, via news headlines.

Blogging-wise, mass fear may be crippling your blog, guys. Here’s how; most bloggers blog from the predominant energy of fear. Fear rules most if not all of their blogging decisions. If you are not careful, these folks sweep you up in their fear-filled grasp, a mass wave of fear sweeping out into the blogging sea of failure, like a tsunami wave of loss, fear, struggle and failure.

What can a blogger do?

Do not give in to fear!

Never allow fear to be your main vibe. Meditate. Be aware of your fears versus being held captive by these nasty little energies. Fear cripples you. But love frees you. Fear handcuffs you. Love allows you to succeed with your infinite potential.

I simply chose not to subscribe to fear-based blogging mindsets and strategies many years ago. I am doing OK, folks. Imagine blogging without much of an email list? Sounds insane, right? Mainly because most bloggers try to scare you into believing you cannot succeed without having an email list. Like blogging sans a list is blogging suicide. Like you are less than whole and complete if you blog without a list and you better not even bother trying to succeed unless you build an email list. All of this is fear-hogwash. I know. I basically have no email list but have succeeded in becoming a full time blogger. Why? I never gave into mass fear. Never being exposed or receptive to negative lines of blogging thinking, I did not get caught up in failure, like the waves of blogging sheeple out there who follow the fear herd.

Hey; fear feels scary to face, feel and release. But until you feel fear you remain susceptible to fear. Observe global headlines. Fear in most humans is being triggered by folks publishing fear-based-headlines via this virus thingee. People are on lock down. Fear builds. But only weak-minded people filled with fear get triggered into a state of panic by the headlines. Powerfully-minded, loving, fun-vibing, trusting people have not the fear to be triggered. We are OK. We shine brightly for the world of scared folks.

Be a bright blogging light. Stop giving in to fear by feeling your own deepest fears. Sucks, for sure, but clearing these energies allows you to move in a freeing, fun direction, void of fear, accelerating your blogging success like a cheetah after drinking 500 Red Bull energy drinks. Yeah…..that fast. Be that blogger and cut it out with the fear-based headlines and fear-based strategies that cripple most bloggers. We no longer need that crap in the blog-o-sphere, thank you.

Do not give in to fear. Most bloggers struggle because they are so filled with fear, that the mass fear of most bloggers holds them down. Imagine mass fear being a powerful anchor. If you predominantly think, feel and act from a fear energy, that anchor holds you down. But if you predominantly think, feel and act from a vibe of love, you break free of the fear anchor. No resonance. Nothing holds you down. You are free! Celebrate, for you have largely conquered fear. Now it’s your turn to empower a new generation of bloggers.


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