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Listen to pro bloggers for advice. But do your own thinking. Think for yourself based on the ideas offered you by experienced pros. Follow proven advice but do your own thinking to carve your own path. Perhaps I teach you to create and connect generously. Blog. Be helpful. Podcast. Broadcast live. Do all of these awesome things diligently. Cool. Then, add all of your flavor, your take and your own style to your work. For example, I include an image in all of my blog posts, per advice from pro bloggers I learned from, yet I put a neat twist on this advice. Adding one of my travel images to all blog posts and to some guest posts makes me stand out from the crowd. I did my own thinking. Ditto for the travel picture themed covers on my eBooks, me using travel photos I personally snapped from my globe trotting experiences.

Do your own blogging thinking, even if it feels uncomfortable sometimes. Stepping away from the crowd feels highly uncomfortable here and there because you feel vulnerable, like an outsider. Been there. Blogged that. My advice? Keep thinking on your own. Do your own thinking. Patiently, persistently, you will distance yourself from folks and the herd, accelerating your success stupid fast. Think for yourself. Learn from pros like me. We set you straight but you need to add your own thinking, feeling, flavor and flair to your work. I regularly do things my way as I simply follow solid advice from seasoned pros. No way would I deviate from the creating and connecting fundamentals but goodness, following the basics with my personal twist allowed me to accelerate my blogging success quite quickly.

Good things take time. I am patient. But I also learned how stepping away from the herd while remaining true to a few basic, power fundamentals, gives me the juice to keep expanding my blogging business. Doing your own thinking helps you to feel, act and succeed quite unlike fellow bloggers. For example, during certain patterns, I noted almost all travel bloggers blog on the same or similar topics, each following each other without giving much thought to why they follow one another. While most travel bloggers zig, I zag, stepping away from the travel blogging herd and becoming more successful as I gain more exposure than the masses of travel bloggers. Imagine if during a period of little or no international travel – say, during a global pandemic – most travel bloggers post about virtual trips, planning for travel and acting like travel was years away. I move in the opposite direction, acting like someone who knows change is imminent, blogging as I always blog. Doing so helps me drive more traffic and make more money but also positions me to hit the travel ground running when travel does begin again, down the road.

Simply move away from the herd to get successful results attained by few bloggers by thinking your journey through. Think for yourself. Learn from pros. But never follow pro bloggers, lock step. Respect their experience. Revere their wisdom. But think for yourself. Take your time to do things your way as you patiently, persistently and generously follow top blogger fundamentals.


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