Do You Want Me to Mention You? Do These 2 Things

Check out Tushar Dey and his blog at:

Make Success Online

He does 2 things.


  1. creates helpful content (by practicing his writing, of course)
  2. generously promotes me, through Twitter

I can only mention his blog because he writes skillfully. Do you want me to mention you? You better write skillfully by spending thousands of hours writing, AND by publishing content to your blog regularly.

I only mention skilled, capable bloggers who I trust, and I trust you if you prove you can write. This step is key. Some generous, kind bloggers cannot get a shout out because they are not ready yet. Writing ain’t there. More practicing and publishing, necessary.

But being a skilled writer and content publisher is not enough. You need something to stand out in my eyes; being generous. Generous bloggers freely promote me and ask for nothing in return.

Tushar retweeted a bunch of my eBooks and asked for nothing. He proved he is interested in ME, and NOT in what I can do for HIM. Do you see the difference? Most bloggers are so afraid to fail that they spend hours, days and years obsessing over themselves and desperately try to get other bloggers to help them.

Bad approach. Pros ignore these pitches 99% of the time because we already have resources out there for purchasing, and we have helped thousands to millions of people for free, already, through our content.

Now the job is on you; can you generously promote a top blogger to earn their trust and to befriend them? If so, and if you create valued content thru your diligent writing practice, I can mention you.

Profits Grow through Referral Marketing

I just referred Tushar and his blog to you through Nazim’s blog. More folks get to know Tushar now, positioning him to boost his blogging traffic and profits. But I only referred him based on his skills and generosity, because I need to trust someone and slowly befriend someone before I can refer them, to you.

In my eBook:

How to Maximize Your Blogging Profits in 5 Simple Steps

I note how maintaining clarity helps you make more money through your blog. Getting clear on generously helping people and trusting in the process boosts your profits freely, over time.

I mention all the interviews I land, and all sweet referral marketing I get, occur because of my clarity and generous service and persistent networking. In essence, I mention bloggers who paid the same, persistent, generous dues I paid, to be where I am today.

One simple way to get featured by me is to just follow my advice. Create. Content. Profit. Have fun. Trust the process.

Do You Want Me to Mention You? Do These 2 Things 2

Referral marketing is helping people, not trying to manipulate people. Strangers who never helped me reach out to me daily and try to manipulate me into placing their link on my blog as a free guest post, or via a $5 sponsored post.

I either quote my rates, or explain how guest posting is closed to people not in my network, and I link to this course, to educate them on how to do networking right.

If they respond with trying to lower my rate or finagle me through manipulation, I label their email as spam because they did not listen to me, trust me, or respect our time.

Spam emails go into my spam folder so the blogger will no longer waste my time, or their time.

Once your emails land in my spam, you lose the opportunity to get referral marketing, traffic and business through my mention.

But if you read this post, change your ways, and enroll in my course, you can get a new email address, generously practice and create helpful content, you can generously help me and expect nothing, and I can refer you, boosting your blogging business.

You choose.

One Small Favor

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