Do You Want Freedom or Burdens through Your Blog?

I love leveraging.

One concept I discuss in my blogging course is leveraging. Being in many places at once by making impacts helps me be free through my blog.

But many bloggers foolishly ignore leveraging, leading to blogging burdens.

Think of it this way:

Right now, I am traveling from New Jersey to Connecticut. I write this guest post riding the Metro-North train. I will publish the post in a few hours to reach large, targeted audiences interested in my blogging tips, my eBooks, my courses and my various advertising services.


Spend 20 minutes while riding a train to the gorgeous Gold Coast region writing a post to tap into sugary sweet benefits. Sounds smart to me.

I make freedom of my blogging intent. All I do through blogging accelerates that freedom because I generously help people believe I am cared for and live a life of freedom.


Many bloggers sprint in the opposite direction; these bloggers take on and carry blogging burdens all day long. One example would be someone glued to their phone to check their emails every 5 minutes during this train ride.

I have fun writing something reaching a huge group of targeted people. The burden blogger fears missing profits and wastes time checking, checking, checking, checking.

At the end of this train ride, I will write 1-3 blog posts. At the end of this train ride the phone email checker desperately or greedily checked email 20 times and did nothing useful or freeing for themselves and for their blogging readership.

Freedom versus Burden.

Do You Want Freedom or Burdens through Your Blog? 2

Think of various ways you can leverage your presence online.

Guest posting is an elite way to leverage your presence because you reach large, targeted audiences in 20 minutes or less to write and submit a 600-word blog post.

Genuine blog commenting leverages your presence a little bit. Write and publish posts to your blog, to leverage.

But do you know what is NOT leveraging?

Checking your email every 5 to 10 minutes to see what you may be missing. Are you a professional email checker? Great! You spend minutes to hours scanning email during a few weeks or months.

I spend the same time writing and publishing a high volume of blog posts that expands my presence silly.

Think to leverage versus burdening yourself with silly, confining, blogging activities.

Ultimately though, do what feels fun to you. Patiently assess what feels like the easiest, smartest, sometimes uncomfortable path.

Nobody feels entirely comfortable leveraging their presence because fear enters into your mind from time to time. Simply think through your blogging campaign to better manage your energy and to blog from an intent of freedom versus burdens.

The most successful business ventures on earth form on a foundation of freedom

Jeff Bezos built his net worth to $150 billion worth of passive income by leveraging the stuffing out of Amazon.

Imagine how many user reviews alone – via community content creation – drive traffic and revenue through Amazon? Leveraging! Meanwhile, bloggers keep comments closed forever, and close blogs to guest posting, then complain about needing to do all the blogging work on their own.

Not smart. Guest posters and blog commentors add free, passive content to your blog, positioning you to increase blog traffic and sales through the concept of leveraging.

Build your blogging campaign around the intent of freedom.

What are you doing today to free yourself?

How are you freeing your readers?

What burdens can you release to better free yourself and to see greater blogging success?

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