Do You Want a Good Blogging Laugh?

Go ahead guys.

Watch it and weep:

I recorded this video in 2013. Not a bad video. 7 years ago, I was a blogger with only a few years of experience. I did some good. Helped some folks. But I had nowhere near the polish, presence and charisma I have today. Of course this is the case. Back then, I had little practice. Now I have 7 more years of blogging practice. Such is life. Practice a little to be OK. Practice a lot to be highly skilled. But digging deeper, you can have a good blogging laugh and chart your progress by simply looking back, watching an old video or reading an old blog post. Sometimes, it helps to see where ya been, to see where you are.

Back then, I had no clue in hell how to get featured on world famous blogs. Now I know. But seeing my progression allows me to be grateful for where I am now, and where I was, back then. All success is 100% progressive. Nobody begins blogging being skilled and successful because it takes 1000’s and 1000’s of hours to become skilled and successful. Big time effort it takes. Like pros often say; blogging is a long term business you better get serious about if you even dream of making any type of impact.

But…relax, kick back and have a laugh. Appreciate your progress. Sometimes, we want to disappear from our past. Other times, we want to deny the past happened, or, we feel embarrassed our ashamed at our less skilled blogging days. Hug these days. Look at me; I published a decent video above but 1 month prior, I lost so much weight in India and became so dehydrated, that I almost died. Yikes. I had just returned from Chennai a few days prior. I was a shadow of my current self mentally, physically, energetically, the whole 9 yards. But I still LOL and have fun with it. I also appreciate the massive blogging growth I experienced over the prior 7 years, through ups and downs, peaks and valleys, straight aways, and bends, all that good stuff.

Blogging genuinely gets easier and easier if you stick to the fundamentals for years because growth and success are direct effects of a generous service cause. The correlation is easy to see. But folks often forget success is progressive and requires a full commitment on your part. Such a commitment requires 5 to 10 to 15 years of your life, and longer. No way at all around this basic law of life. Put in effort. Reap sweet rewards. But never forget where you came from. All bloggers need to be humbled sometimes because folks get a little high and mighty after seeing some success, not being completely void of ego, and the insanity of conceit, as Emerson said. Look no further than an old skool video. Or, look no further than an old skool post. Wakes you up, stupid fast! Makes ya laugh, too šŸ™‚

Give yourself a blogging pat on the back. Never be tough on yourself. Remember how much you have grown over the years. Celebrate growth. Appreciate progress. Look back at videos and blog posts you created from 5 or 10 years ago. Heck; you may even observe massive blogging growth from a year ago, if you have genuinely been busting your hump during that time frame. Success is progressive. Remind yourself of this basic fact, this law of life. Dig up an old video. Wrangle an old blog post. Look, laugh and observe how much you have grown over the years.

I believe in you guys. Success is yours. Now it’s time to observe how you’ve grown to see how far you have come.

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