Do You Try to Find Time to Blog or Make Time to Blog?

HUGE difference between the 2 energies.

Lotsa bloggers try to find time to blog. As if time is lost, a hidden mystery. Hmmmm….you and I both know each day contains 24 hours of time. Is there a need to find time if 24 hours of time stares you dead in the face, daily? Nope. Nobody needs to find time to do anything in life. We have lost nothing. We did not even need to find the time. Time stares us dead in the eyes.

But making time to blog is another story. Now you need to shift habits, change priorities and begin soul searching for your most fun, freeing version of life, because that freeing version of life almost always vibes with some fun blogging topic you intend to explore. Begin making different choices. Something rough happens; you need to face, feel and release fear, again and again, as you make time for blogging. Why? Time you make for blogging, is time you formerly spent doing other things that likely felt comfortable and normal to you. Trashing those hobbies and habits sometimes feels terrifying to ego.

Imagine spending 3 hours each evening watching TV. Ego tells you that you need TV to relax, to de-stress, and to mindlessly enter into your evening chill routine. But television is called the idiot box for a good reason; people watch it to be mindless, to distract themselves from pressing issues in their lives and to avoid taking completely responsibility for their lives….at least most of the time.

So cutting out 3 hours of TV to devote toward 3 hours of blogging likely triggers deep, palpable fears, pronto. Fears you long buried by choosing to be distracted, by television. Ouch. Scary. Welcome to being a successful blogger! You need to swap low energy habits for high energy habits to become successful in any venture. You need to largely swap TV time for blogging and meditating time to become a successful blogger. Nothing happens any other way, because where your attention and energy goes, grows. How you choose to spend your time reflects back to you as your life. Simple truth.

But you do the choosing. Nobody else does the choosing for you. This my friends, is a tough blogging pill to swallow.

Why do you think I wrote this blogging mindset eBook? I realized all the mental problems bloggers suffer through by not being wise with their choices, then, making silly claims that they are trying to find time to blog, but, cannot seem to find time to blog. Totally untrue. You have all the time in the world to blog whenever you want to blog. However, you chose to work a 9-5 job. That is OK but that is YOUR choice, of how to spend your time. Nobody else chose to do this. You chose to do it. Drilling deeper, you quickly see that you choose to spend your 24 hours based on your personal, intimate decisions. It takes not Nostradamus to figure out how you chose to spend your 24 hours today. No need to find time. Time stares you dead in the eyes. Time is already found. But you need to begin making different choices – blogging choices – to make time to blog.

I know you are up to it. But the biggest challenge becomes facing, feeling and releasing fear, when you choose to free yourself with 3 hours of blogging, versus mindlessly watching TV or cruising the web for 3 hours. Focus on fun and freedom over comfort and bondage. Blogging is fun and freeing, albeit scary, sometimes. Watching TV is comfort and bondage; ditto for mindlessly cruising the web. Spend very little time engaging in mindless activities. Unless you want to become a miserable zombie.


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