Do You Try to Automate Everything?

Some blogging tasks cannot be automated.

People want tools, bots and things to do work for them. But some activities cannot be automated. One needs to develop specific skills to succeed online.

Take writing this post. I practice writing 600 more words. Practicing my writing gives me confidence, clarity and a certain knowing that blogging success is mine. No bot handles this job. No automating covers this task for me. I need to do it myself. I need to put in the work. Some tasks need to be manual. Some things need the human touch.

Automate what you can but place a heavy premium on doing the basics manually. Create and connect. Cover the basics. Build skills in these areas. Succeed. Bloggers need some skills. Skills allow you to stand out from the crowd. But putting in skill work doesn’t always feel fun, easy or comfortable.

Bloggers who put in that work succeed. Bloggers who avoid the work run into serious problems over the long haul. No one succeeds by trying to automate it all. We all need to work aka practice to hone our skills. Skilled, serious bloggers become pros because skills earn:

  • trust
  • credibility
  • exposure

Trusted, credible bloggers with serious skills and ample exposure make money online. Simple. But you’d be surprised at how many bloggers want nothing to do with developing skills. Most want to automate as much as possible to create a seamless, turn key process. But turn key processes do not exist. If this were so, everyone would do it and we’d all be billionaires….easily.

Of course we know; the truth is quite opposite. Bloggers put in time. Bloggers increase their skills. Some bloggers automate a little bit to leverage their presence. Overall though, bloggers need to hone their skills to gain trust. Readers trust skilled bloggers. Readers buy into trusted bloggers figuratively, then, literally.

Automate certain processes. But go light. Spend time working your blog manually. Roll up your sleeves. Get to work. Practice writing. Create and connect. Relax. Trust in the blogging process. Be persistent, patient and generous. See the journey through. Chill. Prosper.

I spend little time automating because I spend most time creating and connecting. Successful bloggers focus on the basics. Pros know sticking to the basics yields success. I learned this from blogging icons. Skills dictate your success and you cannot develop skills by automating most of your blogging campaign.

I never want to make blog automating the enemy.  I automate modestly in social sharing groups. I also network a bit through this medium; easy way to be generous, to make friends and to keep my streams chock full of content for a sustained period of time.

Make automating a secondary or tertiary method for spreading the word. Focus on the basics. Stick to the fundamentals. Create. Connect. Practice writing 1000 words daily either online or offline. Practicing gives you confidence and clarity. Confident, clear bloggers earn trust. Trust is the prime currency for prospering online.

Automate what you can automate. But spend most of your time, energy and focus honing your skills through diligent practice. Do not try to automate too many aspects of your blogging campaign. Blogging is for humans, not robots. Publish helpful content. Bond with fellow bloggers by helping these folks out. Put in your time. Eventually, success will find you. But only after you pay your dues.

Blogging treats bloggers well if you treat blogging well. Automating plays a small role in any successful blogging campaign. Manually writing, creating helpful content and building strong connections forms the foundation for a successful blogging campaign.

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