Do You Train for Blogging?

People believe I just wake up, fire up a laptop and create 8-9 posts daily. Like it is easy, a piece of cake, no problem, something I basically do in my sleep. Nope. I train to publish thousands upon thousands of posts between my blog and guest posts. I train 3 or more hours daily. Meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga and exercising allows me to create 9 or more posts daily. I do rocking things because I put in the energy work few bloggers put in. Makes perfect sense; train like few other bloggers to produce like few other bloggers.

Training offline allows you to shine online. Notice how many bloggers complain about suffering through writer’s block, or, about not having time to blog. Said bloggers seem weighed down by heavy fears. Fear deludes you into struggling and failing. Fear guarantees your failure if you surrender to fear readily. But training mentally offline helps you unearth, face, embrace and release fear, to be more fearless and successful. For example, I believe this is post #8 for me today. At 11:03 PM, I feel tired. I feared not having ample energy to sit down and write this post. But training for blogging expanded my awareness so I could face this fear, feel the fear, release the fear and proceed to write and publish the guest post. No way I become aware of this fear if I skip energetic training. But my training regimen helped me unearth, feel and release this fear… I write this guest post.Do You Train for Blogging? 2

I write because I energize myself, and I write at seemingly impossible clips of being prolific because I train incredibly diligently for blogging. Do you want to fail? Never train, and barely blog. Do you crave mediocrity? Blog a bit, and barely train. Do you want to be an eye-poppingly successful blogger who lives your dreams? Train like a beast and blog generously daily, for thousands of hours, spread out over years. People seem shocked at how much content I create, but when you realize how many thousands of hours I put into yoga and meditating and exercising, it all makes perfect sense. I train like few bloggers train so I do things online few bloggers do. All works out as it should, based on my commitment to training, for when you train diligently, you do the energetic work that allows you to be super generous, patient and persistent, all factors in succeeding wildly.

Keep putting in time away from your laptop. Meditate. Do yoga. Exercise. Training gives you the secret edge that propels you ahead of everybody online. You need that razor’s edge to achieve awe-inspiring things and to reach the top of your blogging niche. Observe any sport; the top athletes always out practice and out train everybody else from an intelligent, diligent approach. Training offline energizes you to succeed tremendously online. Remember that before you try to succeed at blogging solely by sitting in front of a laptop.


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