Do You Train for Blogging?

I woke up at 9 PM feeling sick today after a short nap.

I was not sick. But I did feel sick. My training regimen came to the rescue, along with massaging by wifey. I began doing yoga. A while later – and some 3 glasses of water, too – I felt much better. I feel awesome now. Why? My training regimen saved me again. I train to blog. Really. My energy management ritual changed much over the years. But I always take time to spend 2-3 hours managing my energy on a daily basis. I have no other choice. I could not guest post 5 or more times daily sans training. I could never be free of writer’s block unless I trained to blog.

Blogging works OK at one level but getting featured on famous blogs, driving traffic and living your dreams demands you step it up to the next level. Stepping it up means training energetically for blogging; for me, at least. Otherwise, I never see past, through or around blogging obstacles.

Imagine before; sans my energy training, I sit in bed feeling too darn sick. But years of yogic training immediately told me to follow a few set routines to clear out energy locked in my neck and stomach regions. Why do I write this guest post? I feel rested, recharged and energized, versus feeling sick. I feel energized because I follow a strict blogging training ritual consistent of managing my energy.

No need to manage your energy if doing so floats not your boat. But follow some training ritual to prep yourself for blogging because you vanish in the dust of energetic trainers and other trainers. WAY too many bloggers try to rely on forcing things through hard work alone. Bad idea. No one gets away with hard work. Eventually you burn out in a major league way. People drop left and right by being completely ignorant of training, trying to force things through with 19 hour days, straining, striving and other fear-based motives guaranteeing blogging failure.

Trainers manage their energy to reach new levels of creativity. Everything began to genuinely pop the moment I followed an energy management ritual daily. Doing this feels uncomfortable sometimes. Expect to test your limits, well outside of your comfort zone. Speak to your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. Take your time meditating. Unearthing fears feels unpleasant. But celebrating the upside of facing, feeling and releasing fear moves your blogging career to the next level.

Blogging gets easier if you train because you see through obstacles completely paralyzing most bloggers. People give up the moment writer’s block rears its ugly head. Blog posts? Vanished. For weeks. Not writing and publishing for a month, sometimes. Bloggers who train sit with fear, feel discomfort and write the darn post a few moments after sitting with uncomfortable emotions. Raising your energy allows you to do things few bloggers do…..because few bloggers train.

Ideas for training:

  • meditate
  • do yoga
  • pray
  • power walk
  • do EFT tapping
  • breathe deeply a few times daily

Make sure to get 8 hours of sleep too. No one succeeds burning the blogging candle at both ends. We live in a human body. Rest to recharge the body and to refresh the mind. No person is a robot; even if some bloggers look like cyborgs of the Energizer Bunny. Some of the most prolific, creative bloggers get the most rest. I intend to sit in bed for 8-10 hours each night, even if I toss and turn for hours. I broke this rule recently because I have been highly busy with a move. But I promise to follow this training rest schedule once again going forward. Hold me to it.

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