Do You Step Forward or Backward?

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One thing you quickly learn; successful bloggers step forward daily. Hyper successful bloggers ALWAYS step forward and never step back in fear. For example, daily, I publish 10-12 posts. Between my blog and guest posts, I hit double digits every single day. That is stepping forward. Every day, 10 more posts point to me, my name and my brand. Bingo! Stepping forward allows me to experience greater blogging success because doing so increases my exposure, grows my traffic and profits. Stepping forward positions you to succeed. Succeeding allows you to live your dreams, through blogging.

But bloggers usually step backward way too often. Imagine writing and publishing one blog post. Awesome. Count that as a step forward. See the content expanding your reach, a little bit. But then you spend zero time blogging for the next 3 weeks. For 504 hours, you chose NOT TO BLOG. That means you took 40 steps backward. The one post published disappears into oblivion because no one reads it or sees it past the first 2-3 days, because you stepped backward once, twice, then 40 times, spending 0 minutes blogging over a 3 week period.

Now imagine 3 weeks down the road. You took 1 step forward and 40 steps backward, so you are 39 steps behind where you could have been, if you began blogging 5 hours daily, 3 weeks ago. No sense crying over spilled milk, you blogging kitten, you. No sense regretting the past. Blog now. Begin again, now. Start now, again. Hey; at least you have one blog post in your cyber arsenal, right? At least you write blog post #2. Write. Publish. Good job. You took one blogging step forward. Congrats on being 38 steps behind. But then you take off 1 month from blogging, which equals taking 60 steps backward. Now, you are 108 steps behind where you should be, if you blogged 5 hours daily for the past 7 weeks of your life.

Blogging simply gives you, what you give blogging. So….if you step backward, you fail and quit. If you step forward, you succeed and live your dreams. But you need to step forward for 4 to 12 hours daily for the next 5000 hours to go full time and to live your dreams. Plus you need to create and connect generously for those 5000 hours. Plus you need to trust. No panicking and bailing allowed, because every time you panic and bail, you take 50-100 steps backward, making your job that much tougher and delaying your success by that many more months.

Step forward. Spend 4 hours creating and connecting generously today. Then, spend 4 hours generously creating and connecting tomorrow. Then, 4 hours generously creating and connecting, the next day. Work done today, is work you never need to do again. Sure you work again tomorrow and do similar things, but the stuff you did yesterday to build your foundation for today never needs to be done, again. Have you ever pondered blogging in this fashion? My friend Julie Syl Kalungi taught me this concept. I love it. Do the work today. It lays a foundation for a successful blogging campaign and you never need to do that specific foundation laying, again, because those specific building blocks, those bricks, well, ya placed ’em. Tomorrow, you add bricks to the bricks you already placed. All because you only take steps forward in love and service, even if it feels scary, to keep moving forward…..and to never step backward.


Never step backward.

Be led by your dreams. Remember why you blog. Seize that fun, freeing reason to wade through fears and to never step backward in fear, ever again.

I believe in you guys.

Let’s step forward together, shall we?

One Small Favor

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