Do You Seek Free or Paid Help?

Seek a combination. But err on the side of getting paid help if you genuinely want to accelerate your blogging success. Paid help is usually better than free help because paid help is more in-depth, sizzling, dazzling and trusted than free help. Think about it; I publish helpful 600 word blog posts solving mucho problems, pronto. But investing $7 in one of my 6000 word eBooks gives you a rich, complete resource for reading, studying and using. What yields more help? 600 words of value for free or 6000 words of value for money? Of course, the 6000 word, premium solution offers greater value. Digging deeper, my 15,000 word blog comment eBook available for $20 gives you the only blog commenting manual you’d ever need:

How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

This one is the real deal. Do you seek help with blog commenting? Spend $20 to get all the blog commenting help you could ever need. Then, augment with free blog posts and videos, here or there, to drill points home. Everything comes down to you investing money in some help and getting free help, too. Premium help puts you over the top because it is the best advice in the best format for your most pressing needs. Some of my clients wanted to transition from a solely active, freelancing or consulting income model to a more passive model. Each paid me for 1 hour of my time to get my undivided, full attention for that hour, to address their needs. Is it worth it to get my complete experience, attention and expertise to solve your blogging problems, for an hour? Yes. Would it be worth it to seek advice solely through free blog posts and videos, if you have such a critical decision to make? Nope. Why make such a crucial, life-changing decision based on a free blog post? Poor people do that. Invest money in the best advice from top pros to be like a successful, pro blogger, yourself. Position yourself to succeed. Seek some free help, and some premium help.

But do not undervalue free help as if it is worthless or of zero value. Sure you can and should soak up free advice from trusted pros because content from pros benefits you. But coaching, courses and eBooks have no replacements online because you even feel more like a pro by purchasing and using these valued resources. Mental thing. Nice mind boost, the split second you buy something, spend money and instantly feel good about your purchase. Plus, you gain access to the trusted resource. Win-win scenario here. Sounds good to me. But your job is to spend some dough to access these premium resources, these trusted sources of valued, paid, advice.

I recall slamming into issues promoting my eBooks. Nothing seemed to be working for a bit. Naturally, I bought an eBook bundle from a dude who made $30,000 monthly from his eBooks, and quickly learned from the master, following in the foot steps of a professional. I learned you can get some reviews or no reviews and sell eBooks. The key is to promote those suckers like the dickens and of course, to ensure each eBook yields simple, practical tips. But accessing this help required me spending money to get help from a top self-published author, in effective formatting. Effective formatting, being the eBook format, itself. This is why you want to increase the dollars you spend on securing trusted advice; learn quicker, more easily and more effectively to put knowledge into action and to benefit from the premium help you receive.

Don’t cheap out!

One Small Favor

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