Do You See Yourself as Just an Average Blogger?



Life follows your self image. Seeing yourself as just an average blogger ensures you become an average blogger. Not good. You cannot go beyond being an average blogger if you hold this self image because you cannot out run or out work your self image. Life flows according to the image you hold of self, in mind.

Changing your self-image brings different results but proves to be uncomfortable sometimes. Imagine working 9-5 jobs to pay bills for your entire life. Said life and image feels comfortable to you. But you come across my blog. Imagine circling the globe as a pro blogger? Wow. Sounds exciting. So you sit down and begin visualizing a different version of your life, and, build a new self-image too. Things seem exciting. Picturing yourself in Bali feels fun, freeing and relaxing. But something uncomfortable happens; you doubt yourself. How can you travel the world through blogging? Sounds impossible. Sounds ridiculous. People around you seem to think blogging from Bali seems ridiculous. People around you hold an average, ho-hum, plain-Jane image of self so of course, blogging and circling the globe and living in places like Bali for months seems totally impossible.

Now the energetic rubber hits the road. Either you trust the lying, deceiving fears in your mind or you nudge into uncomfortable, freeing emotions by feeling your fears and by continuing to dream big dreams, as you build a new, empowered, fun, freeing self-image. You choose. Negative nellies around you cannot choose what to put into your mind. You choose what to feed your mind. Do you desire to see yourself as being an empowered, island hopping, generous blogger? Picture that image. Sear the image on your mind. Feel the emotions of being this blogger, now, well before becoming the blogger. Be. Become. How it works.

Do You See Yourself as Just an Average Blogger? 2

Now you begin to BE the person with a healthy, empowered self image. Create content generously. Promote yourself freely. Happy hustle all day long. Network generously. Promote other bloggers freely on your blog and through social media. Be persistent and patient. All flows according to your self image. Do you see why average blogger types struggle and fail? Literally, these folks cannot move into actions other than those average, middle of the road bloggers, engage in. How can you be successful if you BE the blogger who is average, just a blogger, in the middle of the pack.

Change the self image. Change your vibe. Change your energy. Change your life.

See yourself as extraordinary, because you are. See yourself as inspired and empowered. Begin instantly to BE that blogger by guest posting on top blogs in your niche. Build friendships with these bloggers. Help them by commenting on their blogs, by promoting these pros and by buying their stuff. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return, save, a rocking friendship with a top blogger. Practice your writing regularly. Publish content regularly. In time, with your patience and persistence, top bloggers invite you to guest post on their blogs. But you needed to see yourself as being an extraordinary, exceptional blogger, changing your self image, because you need to see yourself on the level of top bloggers before networking with these pros.

Change your self image.

Change your life.


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