Do You Quickly Seize Opportunities for Blogging Growth?

Observe the featured image for this blog post. Nazim told me to treat his blog like my own after he gave me publishing rights on Make Blogging. I took him at his word. I have published 156 guest posts on this rocking blog. I absolutely do not play around. If someone gives me publishing rights, I take full advantage of the opportunity. Seizing opportunities for blogging growth is like breathing to me. Never being picky, I gobble up opportunities resonant with me so fast, it’ll make your head spin. I gained massive exposure and made oodles of blogging buddies by grabbing opportunities for blogging growth fast. What is the downside to gobbling up growth opportunities? None! No downsides exist to seizing and using resonant opportunities for steady blogging growth. Observe the featured image, again. I appear in 156 more spots because Nazim is generous and because I used these opportunities again and again and again.

But most bloggers seem all but allergic to opportunity. Bloggers pore over one guest posting offer even if said bloggers get about 3 people to visit their blog daily. Why do you over analyze a guest posting invite if 3 people see your blog daily? Grab that opportunity NOW! You received a golden possibility served on a silver guest posting platter. 3 daily visitors becomes 50 daily visitors after a few months of daily guest posting. People knew of my eBooks of course but my eBook exposure accelerated fast the moment I dove into a generous, prolific guest posting campaign. Why? Seizing opportunities for growth increases your skills, exposure and credibility. Skilled, credible bloggers who appear to be everywhere boost traffic and blogging profits. Pay close attention to this painfully simple recipe; seize opportunities for blogging growth quickly and success begins making a beeline for you.

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Do You Quickly Seize Opportunities for Blogging Growth? 2

I gained 15 reviews – most being 5 star – because I grabbed and used opportunities for blogging growth left and right. My generous creating and connecting gave me ample skills, exposure and credibility to increase my eBook reviews. I seized opportunities for growth fast. My blogging growth accelerated, along with growing my eBook’s exposure. Give freely. Be patient. Be persistent. Receive easily. Piece of cake, eh? Not quite. Most bloggers vibe deeply from fear. So most of these bloggers reject opportunities for growth left and right, or never seek opps for growth. I vividly recall my highest paying freelance client. He all but begged me to work for him because I deeply feared seizing the opportunity back in 2013. I feared he’d out me as a fraud, how he’d be disappointed in my work after paying me. We even vibed on a friendship level. But I felt so filled with fear that I almost turned down my most lucrative freelance writing client.

Lesson learned, from that experience. Now I seize guest post invites with resonant blogs – and bloggers – quickly, even if doing so feels highly uncomfortable. Success finds bloggers who find, grab and use opportunities for growth all blogging day long. Be that blogger to accelerate your online success.


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