Do You Play Small Blogging-Wise?

We all play small sometimes. Fear rears its ugly head. We feel fear, feel scared, and turn around and regress versus feeling fear completely and moving forward. I get it. I know. I really do. Avoiding fear to turn around and play small feels safe, comfortable and like no big deal. But every time you avoid fear and play small, you cop out on living your dreams. Every time you duck out on doing what helps you live your dreams, you guarantee you will NOT be living your dreams. Does this sound like a fun, freeing, exciting life? Nope. Most bloggers never live their dreams because most bloggers play small.

Play small long enough, and you find yourself sitting in a cocoon of fear, struggle and anguish. Success? Forget about it. Impossible. No way to proceed and succeed if you play small and regress because all growth, happiness and freedom aligns with playing big. I drive 50 to 100 backlinks to my blog daily. At this stage of my blogging career, that is playing big. But that number likely expands down the road. I play even bigger. How? We will see. Not aware, at the moment. But I do play big to the tune of writing and publishing 5 guest posts daily. I also publish 4-5 posts on Blogging From Paradise. I also comment genuinely on a handful of blogs.

Playing big positions you to live your dreams through blogging. Playing big feels fun and freeing. But playing big also forces you outside of your comfort zone, to face your fears. Facing, feel and releasing fears seems entirely unpleasant. Nobody loves feeling their fears. But after feeling fears, you liberate yourself from those specific fears and proceed toward a more fun, freeing, dream-living future. Everything expands if you play big.

Playing big just means edging out of your comfort zone to do expansive things. Guest posting, broadcasting live and publishing content more frequently to your blog all serve as examples of playing big. Playing big is no quantum leap. Take baby steps. Imagine being a new blogger. Publishing one post weekly feels like an incredibly daunting task. Can you publish 5 guest posts daily? No. Good things take time, and playing big takes time, too. Relax. Edge outside of your comfort zone, face fears, feel fears and proceed to lay the foundation for playing big.

Always think expansion. Ponder how you can reach more folks with your singular actions. I can help so many readers through my blog. But guest posting on other blogs helps me reach more readers. Expansion. Guest posting on a high volume of blogs daily feels uncomfortable sometimes because I face my fears. Such is the life of a pro blogger. Such is the tax we all pay for playing big. All success flows to you outside of your comfort zone. Stop playing small in your blogging comfort zone. Begin playing big well outside of your blogging comfort zone. We need you to play big. We need more bloggers to play big.


Do you want to play big but fear leaving your blogging comfort zone. Been there, folks. Most bloggers do not deeply desire to play small, but feel terrified to begin edging out of their comfort zone, to play big. I wrote an eBook to help you think, feel, act and BE like a successful blogger to make the transition from playing small to playing big. Of course, that sucker is on Amazon.

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One Small Favor

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