Do You Offer Timely Blogging Advice?

As I read this super helpful guide from Mudassir:

How to Start a Blog in 2020

I ponder the timely nature of his post. I also ponder the less than timely nature of blog posts that yield enough helpful information to help you with the latest passing of Haley’s Comet. Said comet flies through every 100 years. Or so. Likely, bloggers offer similarly timed, dated, useless information. Mudassir is on point. Plus he clearly tells you the guide is a 2020 blogging guide, right in the title. Easy to see.

I make my eBooks evergreen. I self-published most in 2014-2015. 6 years later, each read fills itself with timely, helpful, accurate, up to date, practical blogging tips guaranteed to help you succeed online. Like this one. Buy it:

10 Reasons Why Fijian Fruit Bats Would Be Absurdly Successful Bloggers

The 10 reasons work in 2014. The 10 reasons work in 2020. The 10 reasons remain true in 3020. If we figure out how to live 100 plus years, routinely. Anyway, how timely do you blog? Do you create topical content? Do you chase headlines? Do you slobber after trends, like a fat dog greedily chasing a tennis ball? Not a good idea. Like the fat dog chasing the tennis ball, eventually, the ball vanishes, and the headlines vanish into oblivion. Dog balls always seem to disappear. I know. From raising dogs and from house sitting all over the globe. Guess what? Blogging trends always disappear. Change is the only constant. All certainty is illusion. Headlines disappear too. Look at the dingbat news. Today, the virus that idiots believe will wipe us all out, dominates headlines here in the USA. A bit down the road, this headline and story vanishes, completely. New headlines replace it.

Follow blogging trends and you always need to dig up a new headline to chase. Terrible idea. Your content becomes worthless. Imagine if you obsessed over Google Plus. A G Plus expert! Great….but after building an entire blog, brand and income streams on G Plus, your entire business vanished the split second Google trashed Google Plus. Do you see why fools build their blog and business on topical content? Lunacy. Here’s a better idea: build your blog and brand and income streams on rock solid, evergreen topics. I teach people to create and connect through my eBooks. Little yields topical value. My eBooks and blog posts are timeless because all concepts I discuss exist as long as human beings do not go extinct from that silly virus everybody obsesses over from a fraidy cat energy of fear.

If people exist, my eBooks be in demand. I never do the topical bit. I am always timely. But if you do create time-specific content it is totally OK to do so, IF you clearly explain the date in title, like Mudassir did. I suggest you read his post. We still blog in 2020. Plus, in 2021, he can easily change the title and content in the post to reflect 2021. He also does the smart thing by sticking to fundamentals in all he does. This way, he publishes timely content.

Follow his lead.  Be timely. Be current. Succeed.

Beware publishing out of date content. Or your blog becomes irrelevant. Less than effective bloggers chase headlines. Headlines disappear with every news cycle. All content, premium products and services based on headlines vanish with the headlines, being completely useless. In essence, every headline-focused post you create becomes worthless as the headline vanishes. Do you want to create soon to be worthless content? Stick to the fundamentals. If you time content, do so in the title and give yourself wiggle room in editing and updating the content easy peasy.

Be timely to be evergreen. Be evergreen to ensure all content and premium products and services remain in demand….forever.

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