Do You Need to Face Blogging Mind Viruses?

Blogging forces you to face, feel and release fears.

Fears grow through mind viruses you neglect to treat.

For example, at 11:42 PM NYC time on a Saturday night right now, my mind fears writing this post guarantees I will:

  • miss out on 8 hours of sleep
  • get run down
  • feel exhausted tomorrow morning

But none of these scenarios are true. I sleep in daily. I never use an alarm. I always stay in bed for 8-9 hours. I wake feeling rested, recharged and energized. I also engage in:

  • meditating
  • kriya yoga
  • yin yoga
  • exercise

to be calm, peaceful and refreshed every single day.

I faced many blogging mind viruses in the past. I feared nobody would read my blog. I also feared I would never succeed because I knew no successful bloggers. My fear of rejection prevented me from guest posting. I vividly recall turning down a high profile guest posting gig at first because I deeply feared this high profile blogger would criticize me and my submissions.

How did I cure this guest posting mind virus? I owned the mental malady. I wrote the guest post, submitted the guest post and the blogger published the guest post. Mind virus cured.

First, I had to own the fear fueling the mind virus. Feeling the fear of criticism felt unpleasant. I do not enjoy feeling like someone has criticized me. But facing, feeling and releasing the fear influenced me to write and submit the post. I felt confident on seeing the post published. Mind virus defeated.

More mind viruses popped up over the years like:

  • I will never get blog traffic.
  • I will never make money blogging.
  • I cannot write and self-publish eBooks.
  • I cannot create and sell blogging courses

The list went on and on but facing, feeling and releasing fears fueling the mind viruses was the only way to clear these limiting beliefs from my mind. Clearing these mental maladies accelerated my success because my generosity, patience and persistence multiplied after releasing these mindset errors. My skills, exposure and credibility grew. My success expanded. Everything changed by my blanket decision to own, face and clear my mind viruses.

What blogging mind viruses do you need to clear?

Some common ones include:

  • I cannot make much money blogging because English is my second language.
  • I can only make money blogging through Adsense because I am not skilled enough to create eBooks, products and services.
  • I have to charge $5, $10 or $20 for my valuable services because nobody will pay me more money.

All of these states of mind need to go if you want to liberate yourself through blogging. Blogging reflects your predominant belief system back to you. Happy, successful bloggers clear deep fears and associated mind viruses to blog from a predominantly abundant, trusting energy, positioning themselves to succeed online.

One of my blogging mind viruses involved being scared to let loose, have fun and do off-the-wall, funny blogging stuff sometimes. As you see in the featured image for this post – I snapped it in Paphos, Cyprus – I chose to let loose, smile and blog about my travel experiences often. I have seen crazy, outrageous and flat out funny stuff as I circled the globe for the past 9 years. Overcoming this fear to blog about zany experiences helped me enjoy the journey and expanded my success too. I discuss during a video I filmed in Bali a few years ago:

Blogging Tip of the Day: Me with Roosters in Stunning Bali


Do you want to circle the globe like me? Facing, feeling and releasing mind viruses by curing these mental maladies is part of the game. Learning how to retire to a life of travel is key, too. Buy my eBook to uncover these strategies:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping (Part 2)

One Small Favor

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