Do You Need Blog Comments to Succeed?


Blog comments increase engagement.

Blog comments make your blog a tight knit community. Comments also foster friendships between like-minded bloggers.

I suggest you open blog comments to better grow a large, loyal group of followers.

But John Chow made millions blogging without getting many comments. Darren Rowse received a fair share at Pro Blogger but he did not make a pretty penny because he received blog comments.

Comments in and of themselves do not cause success. Comments serve as engaging vehicles that can lead to success but comments are no “must have” blogging element or lynch pin for successful blogging.

My Take on Blog Comments

I love receiving blog comments and have fun engaging readers. But I also know blog comments do not promote my blogging success solely, nor do I need blog comments to succeed.

Well-meaning but a bit lost bloggers preach one needs comments or else they cannot build large, loyal communities.

This is 100% not true because well known, famous, wealthy bloggers build stunning online success with comments closed.

Blogging Success Is Energy-Driven

Blog for fun. Be generous. Trust. Succeed. All blogging success in the outside world mirrors your inner, abundant vibe.

Take the same approach to blogging failure. Failing bloggers believe blogging success is action-oriented and fail because their inner fear determines their outside world failure, even if this blogger gets 20,000 blog comments.

Comments are just comments.

Nobody pays you for each comment you receive on your blog.

No blog commentor owes you an eBook or blogging course purchase or any action boosting your blogging profits.

Nobody comments solely because they want to increase your success.

You do not need a high volume of blog comments to succeed.

Do You Need Blog Comments to Succeed? 2

You succeed by having fun blogging, trusting in the process and generously helping people for free to improve your skills and to increase your exposure. Be this energy and you will succeed.

Be a prolific, connected blogger to succeed. Publish helpful content to increase your exposure.

Comment genuinely on blogs to also increase your exposure and to build your blogger friend network.

But please, never believe you need a high volume of blog comments to succeed because this is not the case. Millionaire bloggers close comments before making millions.

Millionaire bloggers get one comment per post if that.

Your success-promoting, buying readership shows up the moment you stop believing you need anything, and blog from a whole, complete, generous, abundant energy.

Take that abundant, generous attitude. Success is yours.

Comments Do Rock

Do not get me wrong; receiving blog comments rocks. Comments serve as social proof, a blogging barometer of community. Comments also drive clients and customers to you.

Blog comments promote bonds with readers and fellow blogger. By all means, keep comments open. But prime blogging success flows through helping people for free, by publishing blog posts. I suggest you keep comments open if it feels fun and freeing.

But if keeping comments open feels like a drag or if you are sick and tired of fielding comments and prefer creating helpful content or live videos, do yourself a favor and close comments. You do not need comments on your blog to succeed.

Secondary or Tertiary Success Indicator

Blog comments come in 2nd or 3rd place when it comes to blogging success indicators.

No top blogger obsesses over blog comments because this crowd has fun generously helping people freely through posting to their blog.

Top bloggers also have fun guest posting to spread the word, leveraging their presence, boosting their blog traffic and profits.

Put blog commenting in its place. See receiving comments as a sweet benefit of blogging but view comments as extras, or bonuses, on your blogging journey.

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