Do You Mainly Fear Losing Readers Versus Knowing You Will Attract Readers?

I visited a blog recently. 3 pop ups met me. Three. Hey; use whatever strategy works for you because if you get clear, you can use any approach and succeed mightily. But of course, few bloggers feel good and clear using 3 pop ups because in most cases, you deeply fear losing a reader and desperately try to catch them via each pop up. Usually, this indicates some idea that unless you have an email list, you will not make any money. This is not true. The money is not in the list. Money is in consciousness. Money is in your mind, your energy. So nope; money is not in the list.

I felt the blogger’s fear of losing readers each time I closed out another pop up form, plus, my user experience suffered too. I just wanted to read helpful content and post a helpful comment. But after the 3rd pop up, I had to close the blog and move on because I only have a small amount of time to read posts and publish comments. I do not blame the blogger for being afraid because I have been afraid, too. But I palpably felt their fear of losing readers, versus them knowing that they would attract readers freely.

How about Yourself?

Do you believe you will attract readers? Do you blog with confidence? How clear do you feel on your blog?

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Law of Attraction Series: How to Get Unstuck

I lead off with assuring you; I may island hop now, but I know what it feels like to be stuck in life, working a dead end security guard job before I retired to become a pro blogger. Bloggers who primarily fear losing readers make themselves struggle, and almost always feel stuck in a blogging holding pattern, traffic and profits either not moving at all or moving super slowly. The only way I got unstuck in life was by observing and analyzing my fears from a relatively impersonal vantage point. I feared letting go steady income and health benefits so I clung to my old job. After getting fired, I saw that fear pulling me back to get temp work. But I observed the fear, let it go, and chose to be a pro blogger versus returning to my pier guard career.

Do You Mainly Fear Losing Readers Versus Knowing You Will Attract Readers? 2

Best choice of my life, that did not include marrying my wife Kelli.

Be straight with yourself. If you fear losing readers, and have little faith in your ability to attract readers, I guarantee you that you will do stuff like using 3 pop ups, ensuring that you do lose readers. Feel your genuine emotions concerning blogging. Hug, feel and release fears around losing readers. Followers are on the way but need you to clear fears before you meet these folks. Relax. Feel and let go fears. Use 1 pop up versus 3. Some readers may sign up but you will not be repelling readers left and right like most bloggers do, using 3 pop ups.

Blogging is not terribly difficult practical tips wise but blogging can feel highly uncomfortable emotions wise. Ride out these feelings. Keep giving. Keep serving. Be generous. Be genuine. Readers are on the way. Success is yours. Face your fears to clear your fears.

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