Do You Live in a Blogging Cocoon of Fear?

I cannot write a blog post.

I cannot submit a guest post. I will probably be rejected.

Nobody will read my blog anyway. Nobody will read my eBooks either. Nobody will read anything I do.

Nobody will hire me. Nobody will buy my stuff.

Are you stuck in a blogging cocoon of fear? Do you cower to these limiting beliefs? Are you lost in a sea of negativity? Everybody fears stuff sometimes. I am no fearless blogger. But I did develop a different relationship with fear to better navigate discomfort and to experience greater blogging success. Nobody can grow by surrendering to fear because all of your dreams sit on the other side of fear. Every blogging goal sits on the other side of fear, too. But of course, if you live in a blogging cocoon of fear you cannot break thru the fear cocoon to face these energies, and to succeed. Nobody grows or does anything notable sitting fixed inside their comfort zone.

Do You Live in a Blogging Cocoon of Fear? 2

Do you live in a blogging cocoon of fear? Be honest. Own any of the above statements, if you hear your mind chatter these limiting ideas. Too many bloggers give up, being handcuffed by an endless supply of limiting beliefs. You want to comment on blogs to make inroads and build your blog network. You even buy my blog commenting eBook. After reading the eBook, you comment on blogs generously for 2 weeks, then decide blog commenting is boring. Not for you. Networking is not for you because you are lazy. Perhaps you fear being rejected by fellow bloggers. Heck; who wants to waste time commenting on top blogs with no return on investment? Quicker, easier ways to succeed must exist.

Do you see how fear and living in a pulsating fear cocoon destroys your blogging campaign? Re-read the prior paragraph. Everything in this paragraph is fear, pure and simple. Fears fuel all of these limiting ideas, guaranteeing your blogging failure. If you live in a fear sphere, you are afraid to do everything, fail and quit. I have seen this happen too many times during my blogging career.

But if you nudge outside of your comfort zone into fear, you slowly defeat these fears and become more successful. This is my 11th blog post I wrote and/or published today. Guess what? 10 years ago, I struggled horribly to write 300 words in one sitting. I lived in a horrible blogging cocoon of fear back then, afraid to do everything. Naturally, I nudged outside of my comfort zone a little bit daily, feeling fears and feeling terribly uncomfortable too, as I wrote a bit more, and a bit more. Gradually, I upped my blog post output from a single 300 word post daily to quite a bit more but I had to leave my comfort zone and face stiff fears to develop my writing skills effectively.

Leave your blogging cocoon of fear, guys. Life does get easier after you learn to be uncomfortable, to face and feel fears, to see possibility and to seize opportunities for growth and expansion. Why am I up at 11:30 PM writing this guest post for my 11th post of the day, with a major USA holiday tomorrow? I nudge more outside of any tiny and paper thin cocoons of fear I may be living in, to tear through these barriers, to have more fun, to serve more people and to experience greater blogging success.

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