Do You Keep Up with the Blogging Times?

Why do I promote my 100 plus Kindle eBooks like the dickens, daily?

People love reading Kindles now. People will love reading Kindles in the foreseeable future. Is Amazon going away? No. Does Kindle seem to be going away? Not now. Folks love eBooks. Folks love Kindles. People keep buying so I keep promoting. I keep up with the blogging times.

But not everybody keeps up with the blogging times. Someone asked me about writing for Hub Pages a few moments ago. I never wrote for the site but still fielded the question, at least.  I did not answer, because Hub Pages pretty much died like the dinosaurs, but in the pages case, many years ago. Perhaps I would profit through this channel 10 years ago as a newbie blogger. I did write a few articles for ezinearticles back then, too. Perhaps I could earn a little coin 10 years back but today is today and a decade ago is a decade ago. Do you see what I mean? Online folks grasp and reach for a past long since dead. I know of nobody who earns a steady – let alone sizable – income writing articles for Hub Pages because article base writing has largely died out. Trend has passed.

Sure you can write and publish articles on bases to expand your reach a tiny bit, but writing and publishing posts on your blog is a wiser, smarter, more profitable strategy in 2019, going forward into 2020. Which begs me to ask you: do you keep up with the blogging times? Do you honor certain trends and release outgrown, worn out, flat out dead, trends? Do you recall Matt Cutts ending guest posting for links in 2014? All content mill friendly, multi topic blogs died the moment Matt outlawed guest posting on sites simply to score links because spammy, multi topic blogs made their bread and butter accepting payment from freelancers who placed links and guest posts on their sites. Multi topic bloggers drove non-targeted but a high volume of traffic to Google Adsense ads, maxing out their income through this stream and by renting out their blogs.

Do You Keep Up with the Blogging Times? 2

Matt Cutts laid down the Google-cyber law. All multi-topic blogs vanished overnight or a few months later after said blog owners faced the music. Fools would cling to their dinosaur, spammy, multi topic blogs but said blogs died and no longer were trending with the blogging times. Did your blog die months or years ago? Why cling to it? Why cling to niches long out of favor? Spammy make money online blogs died officially in 2008, over a decade ago. Would you believe some fools tried to revive these blogs and this silly niche in 2018? Nearly a decade later, greedy and desperate bloggers tried to time travel to a decade prior. As you may imagine, it did not work too well.

Be current. Be evergreen in all you do. Keep up with the blogging times by ensuring your strategies and income streams are sound, timely and relevant. 10 years ago I would likely have sold ebooks through Smashwords solely. Now I sell mostly through Amazon and a little through Selz and Gumroad. Selling most eBooks through Amazon is smart and sound and yes, quite timely. Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest person on earth. His net worth reached $120 billion. I believe he knows how to sell eBooks, paperbacks and audio books on his platform. Collectively, I have nearly 200 of my eBooks, paperbacks and audio books on his platform. Follow the times. Amazon is the most popular digital storefront on earth. Sell stuff through that digital storefront to gain maximum exposure. Do not sell stuff on no-name, unknown platforms now that maybe had a name or rep 1, 5 or 10 years ago.


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