Do You Have a Winning Blogging Mindset?

I am thinking of gain most of my blogging day. How can I help people? How can I prosper people?

How can I promote my premium offerings to help people?

How can I expand my presence while expanding the presence of other bloggers?

I wrote an eBook to help you create the mindset of a successful blogger. On promoting it, I asked myself the question-title of this blog post.

Do you have a winning blogging mindset?

Wait around for an honest answer. You may surprise yourself.


Most bloggers focus heavily on loss and rarely focus on gain. This crowd bemoans lost opportunities, lost blog traffic and lost blogging profits. What about that recent Google algo update?

Tons of lost traffic there. How about Facebook doing away with organic traffic? More lost traffic and blogging profits, too. Most bloggers focus on loss so naturally, adopt a losing blogger mindset.

Winning becomes impossible if you think like a loser. Winning is impossible if you do not see gain, increase and opportunity.

Think Like a Winner

At dinner time, I have 2 options: spend 10 minutes offline eating dinner, or spend 20 minutes grazing dinner while writing the post.

What feels like gain to me? Writing the blog post. I feel good helping people. Plus Nazim gets more passive blog traffic through the blog post. Win-win. We both win. See what I mean? This is winning.

Do You Have a Winning Blogging Mindset? 2

I do not think loss, like, I waste or lose time writing this guest post because nobody will visit my blog, etc.

Bloggers feel plagued by negative thinking but it is losing thinking, or, failing thinking. Certainly, losing thinking is not winning thinking. No way to succeed online unless you think like a winner. Think gain, opportunity and abundance.

Seize Opportunities for Gain

Every winning blogger thinks gain. I seized this guest posting opportunity for gain.

Why not? We all win by me publishing posts on this rocking blog.

Look up top. I promoted my eBook. You gain a valued blogging mindset resource and I gain profits if you buy it. Win-win.

We both gain. See what I mean, again? Think like a winner. Develop a winning blogging mindset. See gain. Seize opportunities. Succeed.

Life is one big opportunity. Either you seize life and gobble up opportunities for growth and gain from a calm, confident, relaxed vibe, and succeed, or you lose opportunities and fail.

You choose. But if you clicked this link and decided to read this post you obviously want to develop a winning blogging mindset. You want to prosper, profit and life your dreams through blogging.

Seize opportunities for gain. Guest post. Open your blog to guest posting. Promote bloggers on your blog. Promote bloggers on social media. Gain friends all over your blogging niche. Observe how generous blogging friends amplify your success.

How You Think Determines Your Results

Successful bloggers think success and winning. Failing bloggers think failure and losing.

How are you thinking today?

How can you change your thinking?

Surround yourself with successful bloggers. Learn from these inspiring pros.

Follow their lead. Sponge up their knowledge.

Be their followers, and you begin to take on their qualities. Be a sponge to winners and you become a winning blogger yourself.

I believe in you. I know you can develop a winning blogging mindset.

See gain, seize opportunities and think like a winner to live your dreams through blogging.

You are…..winning!

One Small Favor

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