Do You Fear Criticism?

I remember getting my first 1 star eBook review about 6 years ago.

Do you know why I wrote this eBook on turning criticism into profits? I learned critics prosper you. But most bloggers nudge themselves back into their comfort zone the split second when critics begin circling around, sprinting back to safety. I wanted to play it safe the first time a troll published a nasty, biting review of my eBook. What did I do? I sat with the unpleasant feelings triggered by the critic. Anger. Rage. Shame. Embarrassment. Blanket low self esteem. All that jazz. After feeling these emotions – without reacting – I simply learned how critics trigger fear in you that needs to go for you to reach the next level of your blogging career.

Being prolific felt easy after that first 1 star review episode because fear of criticism burdened me not. I also learned how critics seem to be unhappy people who project their pain and fear onto people doing good things in the world. Knowing this, I began creating more and more content to serve people because I ceased playing small. Instead, I chose to play big. Playing big allowed me to experience more success. But I had to face strong criticism from a snarky person who unearthed some fears and pains in me. This experience felt quite unpleasant. Who loves being criticized? Nobody. Who enjoys someone picking apart their work? Nobody. But nudging into the criticism and triggering emotions is necessary if you want to become highly successful online. Facing critics helps clear fear as you gain greater confidence and clarity in your work. Clear, confident bloggers become the most successful bloggers on earth. Everybody else falls by the wayside, into mediocrity or into failure. You may be playing small for fear of making it big and being criticized by people here and there. I was. I feared playing big. Even though I desired to succeed I also feared being leveled by critics. Although my love of freedom and success seemed strong, my fear of failure and criticism grew more powerful. Life changed by me edging outside of my comfort zone. Circumstances forced me to face the fear of criticism. Thank goodness.

Do You Fear Criticism? 2

Face critics. Play big. Make bold decisions. Allow yourself to be great. Open yourself up to criticism. Be at peace with receiving criticism. Critics seem to be unhappy people who project their fear and misery onto you through their criticism. See yourself as a mirror reflecting their unhappiness back to them, NOT as the object of criticism. The more you face criticism the less you care about being criticized. No more worries because you see someone’s pain-soaked opinion of self versus any indictment of you. Totally different ballgame.

Hug criticism. Embrace it. Do not fear criticism. Accept criticism as being part of the blogging game. You only lose the fear of criticism and gain both confidence and clarity in your blogging campaign, accelerating your blogging success at an exponential rate over the long haul. It is OK to fear criticism as a newbie blogger. But avoid being imprisoned by this fear. Be bold. Live your dreams by playing big. Succeed.

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