Do You Fall Prey to Analysis Paralysis?

I scanned a question on Quora a few moments ago. My fellow blogger asked about trust flow, DA and other metrics, relating their 100 visitors monthly to the metrics quoted. Analysis paralysis stunned the individual into seizing, being stuck at comparing metrics. Seizing at this point stunts future growth. How can you move forward if you feel stuck when comparing all types of stats? Guaranteed, this blogger waits long and hard for a collection of clear, cogent answers. But numbers never buy eBooks, hire bloggers or become brand advocates, or blog promoters. Why decide anything based on metrics if numbers cannot do anything to help you succeed?

I do get how scanning Domain Authority plays into guest posting, as far as building links and ranking well on Google. But poring over analysis only cripples you when just writing and publishing blog posts and guest posts positions you to succeed whether you aim for search traffic or not. Analyzing numbers until stuck in a state of paralysis helps no one. Readers and yourself never benefit because sitting on the cyber sidelines only keeps you on the outside looking in. Being generous by publishing content regularly positions you to succeed. Every blog post and guest post increases your skills and exposure. Skilled bloggers with ample exposure succeed. Simple as that.

Do You Fall Prey to Analysis Paralysis? 2

But sometimes your ego clings to all the wrong factors. Ego tries to intellectualize the entire blogging process, reducing everything to a bunch of numbers you need obtain in order to position yourself to succeed. Although some metrics factor in to search algorithms and decisions people make for advertising opportunities and the like, being stuck because you patiently sift through metrics and find yourself in a hole is foolish because no number actually does anything. Ego may focus on Domain Authority for some pressing reason but no Domain Authority score buys my eBooks, nor does Domain Authority buy sponsored posts or hire you or endorse you. No Domain Authority invited me to guest post on a blog. People do that. Human beings invite me to guest post, inspire me, promote me and buy my eBooks. Helping people generously enables me to succeed online because folks I assist by not being subject to analysis paralysis just multiply my presence online. I spend little time staring at and crunching numbers and I spend most time and energy helping people by creating content and building strong connections with fellow bloggers and readers.

My formula of helping folks without getting caught up in analysis paralysis has worked for me and it works for bloggers who focus on serving human beings over numbers obsessing, because humans dictate success and numbers do not. Be people centric. Focus on helping humans through blogging. Some people enjoy number crunching. Dive in a bit if you enjoy studying metrics. But never allow study to morph into a paralyzing obsession because when you seize up, you lose the opportunity to help people and succeed.


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