Do You Batch Blogging Tasks?

Chapter 2 of my eBook:

How to Organize Your Blogging Day for Maximum Efficiency

is: Block Your Tasks.

For good reason. Blocking your tasks gives your energy to a single venture during that time block.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to one task and that task grows steadily. But if you give your attention and energy to 2 or more tasks you find slow growth or no growth through the 2 tasks.

For example, I am writing this guest post now. I blocked off about 20 to 30 minutes to batch complete this task. I will devote the next time block to blog commenting or perhaps chatting with people on social media.

But imagine if I tried to bunch blog commenting with writing this guest post? For 10 minutes I would write a portion of this post. Then I would need to change gears and read some blog post, and comment on the post.

10 minutes later I would need to change gears again. Not good. Changing gears works not because if you try to give your attention and energy to 2 different blogging tasks during a single time block, you do a less than effective job and your efficiency suffers for both tasks.

Try writing a little bit, then reading and commenting on a post, then writing the post again, then back and forth. No continuity. No flow. No effectiveness. No efficiency.

Batch Your Tasks

Do you batch your blogging tasks? Do you set aside a specific time for doing just 1 thing with your blog?

You should. Batching tasks creates order, effectiveness and efficiency with your blogging duties. I rarely stumble or delay because I devote a little time to do 1 thing. Completing that one thing makes me feel orderly, effective and efficient.

Perfect energy for being more orderly, effective and efficient because where your energy goes, grows.

Do You Batch Blogging Tasks? 2

Set aside 30 minutes or 60 minutes for completing a blogging task in a batch. Do nothing else. Give your full attention and energy to one task to allow that task to grow.

Give your attention and energy to no other blogging tasks during that batch period. Then move on to the next batch task. Give your full attention and energy to a different blogging task. Drop that task and move on to the next batch. And so on.

Be Focused

Beware your mind and its obsession with trying to multi-task. Do not make this huge error.

Multi-tasking bloggers ignore the basic law of effectiveness; where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your blogging energy to 2 or 3 tasks and you will do an ineffective job with 2-3 tasks. Your fault.

Be focused. Give all you know to a specific batch task for a clear period of time. Move on to the next task after you complete one task. Like hard and soft liquor, avoid mixing these tasks.

Batching blogging tasks does require focus, peace of mind and a willingness to concentrate of completing one task for a sustained period of time daily.

Complete one job at a time. Even if you do not completely finish the job, you are well on your way to mastering the concept of batching your blogging tasks.

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