Do You Attach to or Detach from YOUR Blog?

Do you know one of the reasons why I write so many guest posts every single day?

I enjoy detaching from my blog by simply helping other bloggers out with Oodles of guest posts. This focuses me not on my metrics but on serving other people which is the perfect state of mind for becoming a detached, calm and confident blogger. Of course, most bloggers do not adopt the same mentality. You and I see this quite a bit every single day as most bloggers obsess over their metrics.

Be honest with yourself. Are you in the same blogging boat with these totally attached, stats obsessed, fear-driven bloggers? If so, simply own your fear and its vice like attachment to your blog. Hey, I am a bit attached to my blog too but not too much. I am not enlightened so I am attached to some things and human beings but I’m largely detached because I travel within quite a bit to observe my fears which fuel attachments. Is this process pleasant? Nope, not always. Facing fear feeling attachments feels unpleasant but it is necessary to be more detached, peaceful and relaxed about your blogging campaign.

 So are you heavily attached to your blog? Fear drives your attachment. Explore your fears concerning your blog. What makes you so attached to the blog? How can you detach from this neutral piece of online real estate? Think about it. It’s just a blog. Even though it’s your blog the money and traffic and blogging business flows from your mind, not your blog. Money and traffic flow through your blog but the blog is not the source of the money and traffic. Did ya get that? Blogs are not really the source of anything but simply channels through which you receive money and traffic and business. Now you can relax a bit. Relax. Trust in the blogging process. Blogging is not incredibly difficult but fear makes it seem difficult. Blogging is not complex but attachments make it appear to be complex. Feel your fears and attachments dissolve.

 I love getting lost in other people as a form of detaching from any one person or thing. Sure I have some attachments but thank goodness these are more like light threads and less like thick ropes. I explored many fears to reach this state. Meditating helped me a bunch. As did looking within on the regular. Follow some daily practice to detach more from things and people and to live from a more peaceful energy.

 The chief benefit of being completely or pretty close to completely detached from your blog is you become a generous, trusting blogger who gains massive exposure, incredible skills and rock-solid credibility. You know by now these are all factors in becoming a highly successful, professional blogger, as I discuss in my blogging ebook. Buy it to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

Detaching from your blog also helps you remain calm, confident and poised when stuff happens with your blog. Of course stuff happens because life is change, flux, a fluid experience. Blogs crash. Blogs go offline. People hack blogs. Being detached helps you cultivate the peace of mind so you solve the situation fast or find someone who can solve the situation quickly. Or if like a few years ago with my blog, the situation does not resolve itself for almost 14 days, you remain calm, confident and fully understanding that success is an inside game, and not in outside blogs. 

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