Did You Morph into a Blogging Robot?

Somewhere along the way, some bloggers get so lost in logic that they become blogging robots.

Blogging robots never succeed because blogging is about your energy, NOT about blindly, mindlessly following simple, practical tips, to become successful. If blogger were as easy and comfortable as mindlessly following tips without feeling fear and passion, every blogger would be a millionaire. Ever thought about it, that way?

I recall my wife – who coaches folks – saying a while back how somebody asked her: “How do I feel my feelings?”

Please think about that for a second. Someone asked a coach how to feel feelings. Sounds funny and sad at the same time. Funny because feeling feelings is just feeling feelings. Sad, because this person essentially evolved into a living robot, looking for practical tips to follow, step by step, just to go through the process of facing, feeling and releasing human emotions. How do you feel your feelings? By feeling your feelings! No steps necessary. No hacks. No practical tips themed process, to follow. Sit in your room. Relax your body. Cry. Get angry. I do not need to tell you these things. Humans evolved nicely to allow aka feel their feelings. But somewhere along the way, most humans program themselves to be blogging robots. Not good. Robots bury emotions, and humans being emotional beings, you are 100% guaranteed to fail if you do not blog your passion and feel your fears, along the way.

Bloggers crave steps, and practical tips to follow, step by step, to succeed. But virtually all top bloggers became established pros not by simply following practical tips mindlessly. Nope. Pros follow practical tips but dive into heavy, deep fears during their journey, feeling these fears. Robots cannot feel fear. Humans do feel fear. Plus you will need to feel fear if you plan on becoming a pro because pros wade through deep fears to live their dreams.

Pros also follow their passion – an emotion blogging robots cannot seem to grasp – to fuel themselves for a long, sometimes hard, blogging journey. I heard a 7 figure earner explain how, 15 years after he began blogging, he would still be blogging 15 years later, for free. He loves blogging. He feels passionate about blogging. Emotion-energy drives him from within to keep blogging 15 years after he began blogging. Now he earns 7 figures because his passion and fear-diving – along with following practical blogging tips – made him reach the top of his blogging niche.

Emotions fueled him. But newbie and struggling bloggers almost always ignore emotions and focus on trying to follow tips from a robotic, lifeless, lock step energy. Which is exactly why said bloggers struggle and fail.

Blogging is emotion! Namely, following your fun energies right through your fears. Everything is your choice. All is your decision. Stop being blogging robots. Robots get nowhere because blogging is for humans, not cyborgs. Any Terminators out there? I did not think so. Relax, and begin to blog from a generous, genuine, energy, following your passion…..smack dab into the middle of your blogging fears. Ouch. Fear-feeling feels rough, but it is the only way to become a successful, pro blogger. No other way exists. Follow passion into fear, feel fear, proceed from a more fearless, abundant, generous energy, that expands your skills, credibility and exposure. Credible bloggers in a gazillion spots become successful, going pro.


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