Did You Know this about Blogging?

Did you know that anybody can blog? Seriously. Anybody can buy a domain and hosting. Anybody can write and publish a post. Anybody can network. Anybody can monetize through multiple streams of income.

Feeling confident, eh? You should be. Anybody can do this.

Why do few bloggers succeed if anybody can blog? People believe since anybody can blog that blogging is an easy, comfortable journey. Not true. Just because anybody can blog does not mean blogging successfully is a walk in the park. Anybody can blog but few bloggers invest in courses, eBooks and coaching. Few bloggers succeed because few bloggers do the learning, practicing, studying, applying, nudging out of their comfort zone into the blogging success zone.

You can and will succeed if you follow your passion, learn blogging from pros, practice writing, create content generously and befriend bloggers generously. Toss in monetizing through multiple income streams and trusting in self and in the blogging process and you discovered how to blog successfully. You can succeed. Anybody can succeed. But you need to make fun, freeing and sometimes uncomfortable decisions routinely to position yourself to succeed. Anybody can make uncomfortable decisions. Anybody can learn, study, create, connect and monetize. Most bloggers just fear doing these things and trust their fear, stopping in their blogging tracks. Ceasing to blog because you squirm at facing fear guarantees your struggle, failure and eventual quitting.

Did You Know this about Blogging? 2

Do not squirm. Do not turn around. You can and will succeed but you need to treat blogging like a serious business, not a passing hobby. Imagine opening a corner store. Would you open the store for one hour every 2 weeks? Nope. You would go under immediately, having to close the store to stop the cash bleeding out from your business. Likewise, if you blog for one hour, every 2 weeks, you can keep paying your domain and hosting because of the cheap price but you pretty much donate the dollars to your host. You ain’t getting anything out of blogging if you give a few hours to blogging, here and there. Blogging cannot be a passing hobby. Blogging needs to be treated like a serious business if you intend to make something out of it.

I mean 2 to 4 or more hours of generous, intelligent blogging, daily. Be a pro blogger before becoming a pro blogger. Put in the work. Put in the time. Blogging gets easier if you nudge through uncomfortable moments; especially when you need to work and know it’s work time but your ego and its fears fight you. I wish to go to bed now at 9 PM but work needs be done. I plan to be out for hours tomorrow night; basketball game. Even though I basically slept from 2 AM to 6 AM last night and feel exhausted now, it takes a little energetic momentum to get the job done. I can sleep in tomorrow and will sleep in. Then, the extra work I completed tonight gives me clarity and confidence as I head to the hoops game tomorrow night.


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