Cut It Out with the Robotic Blogging Advice

Someone asked me on Quora about what personality a company should convey on Twitter for success.

Think about that. For just a second. Someone asking what personality an entity as large as a company should convey thinks robotic. Ponder the idea. How does a company emit a personality? Feeling. Emotions. Energetic. All that stuff sits well outside the bounds of practical advice, in addition to being light years away from the real, genuine energy that frees you. Few humans think from a genuine space. Most think from an acting, robotic, less than genuine space. This flies in the face of the emotional creatures we are. What happens when you go against your emotional, energetic nature? You are toast.

Stop thinking robotic and stop seeking robotic blogging advice. Everything in blogging is energy. How about building a genuine, core blog brand message. Do that in house. Allow company members to offer feedback in terms of how you decide to build the brand image. If the image is indeed genuine, and not a lame, lying message, you cannot help but to succeed in getting across a genuine, warm message on Twitter. No one can tell you what personality to convey because personality comes from within, from an energy, not from the without, via advice, from others, who tell you how to act, how to have a personality, and what personality to have. Please think this one through; all successful bloggers blog inside-out. These folks never do the outside-in bit for long because being genuine is impossible if you try to blog outside-in, and being genuine can only come about blogging inside-out.

Ask any question you want to ask. But be hyper aware of how you ask questions and what questions you ask, because seeking non-important answers leads only to confusion, a lack of clarity and blogging struggles. Wise bloggers ask the right questions. Asking palpable, important questions drilling to the energetic core of blogging issues is the only way to position yourself to succeed. All else wastes your time and wastes the time of the person you ask.

I recall my wife saying someone asking a self help blogger this question: “How do I feel my feelings?”

I mock no one who asks such a question but in the same breath, do you realize how robotic you have become by asking how do you feel, your feelings? We have that answer built in. Simply feel your feelings. Either you bury feelings or feel feelings. We are not robots. We are emotional creatures vibrating at different energy levels. Genuine, loving people accept emotions, feel emotions and move on. Everybody else represses emotions, become robotic, and finds themselves asking how they can feel their feelings.

Be honest with yourself, The more genuine you are with self, exploring your feelings, you become so much more hyper aware of how you determine your blogging direction and you begin asking higher quality questions. Asking higher quality questions gives you greater focus, and the answers you need to hear in order to progress and succeed online. Life does follow the quality of questions you ask, and the quality of answers you receive guide you on a sweet blogging journey.


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