Cure Racing Thoughts Syndrome and the Damage it Does to Your Blog

My blog is down right now.

I feel calm, cool and collected, but folks a bit stressed about the situation trigger some of my un-calm, not super cool, not too relaxed self. If I had to estimate; 90% of me feels chill and 10% of me feels subject to racing thoughts syndrome. You know exactly what I mean; my thoughts and feelings run away with me a little bit, focusing on negative outcomes because I fear those outcomes manifesting. This is a really small part of me though. Why? I largely cured racing thoughts syndrome by managing my energy daily.

RTS damages your blog because the fear and aligned thoughts associated with the fear ruin your day. How can you generously help people and trust in the process if your fears tell you to take care of yourself and to doubt everything? Do you see what I mean? You cannot blog from a calm, genuine energy, designed to accelerate your success, if you think and feel chaotic, panicked and afraid. Imagine 2 polar opposite ends of the energetic spectrum. One and the other are completely opposites, a full 180 in life.

Cure Racing Thoughts Syndrome and the Damage it Does to Your Blog 2

I solved racing thought syndrome by following a devout practice daily. How? I manage my energy. I will share what I have done to manage my energy; pick and choose but most of all, do what works for you. I do 30 minutes of Kriya yoga, 90 minutes of power walking and 60 minutes of yin yoga daily. I also spend 30 seconds in an icy cold shower on waking. 5-10 minutes of meditation daily too. As you see; I am seriously committed to being the person who cures racing thoughts syndrome. How? Managing my energy through this diligent practice expands my awareness. Expanding my awareness helps me see my thoughts and feelings almost like leaves on a stream, lazily floating by and moving into the ethers. Does it sound like I will be panicked or plagued or influenced by my thoughts and feelings if the thoughts and feelings can be observed from a distance, watching the thoughts and feelings come and go? Nope.

Meanwhile, most bloggers – and human beings – do NO energy management daily and become hostage to their thoughts and feelings. Guaranteed, 99% of bloggers feel captive to their thoughts and feelings right now if their blog is down. What do these bloggers do? Check their email inbox every 2-5 minutes, refreshing, waiting, complaining and panicking. Why? Most humans are slaves to their racing thoughts because they never meditate or do Kriya yoga consistently. Meanwhile, this is the second guest post I wrote and published during the past hour, while my blog has been down. I know the situation will resolve itself. Everything gets fixed. All gets remedied. What does running around, panicking like a moron, do for me and you? Nothing, save adding gray hairs to my head, and I deprive you of helpful content too. So I allow any fear-thoughts to pass along because of my daily energy management ritual and I proceed from a calm, generous, abundant energy, doing the things that keep growing my blogging business.


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