Chad Hurley Net Worth 2024: Achievements and Career of Co-founder of YouTube

Chad Hurley is one of the most talented entrepreneurs in America. He is the co-founder of YouTube, a famous video-sharing app. Chad Hurley Net Worth is estimated at $810 million.

He founded YouTube in 2005 with his colleagues Jawed Karim and Steve Chen. They sold YouTube to Google in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars. Chad Hurley got a $345 million share that boosted his wealth condition. 

Would you like to know the success story of Chad Hurley? How much wealth did he earn through his business and investment?

Continue reading the post to learn about Chad Hurley Net Worth in 2024.

Chad Hurley Net Worth – Evaluating the financial status of American Businessman

chad hurley net worth 2024

Chad Hurley Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Chad Hurley net worth is estimated at around $810 million. He works as a former CRO and Co-founder of video sharing app  (YouTube) and MixBit. 

Chad received $355 million as a share when selling YouTube. In addition, Chad Hurley earns a salary of $4.5 million annually. He earns money by investing in various businesses and real estate.

Who is Chad Hurley?

Chad Hurley is a co-founder of a video-sharing platform (YouTube). Before he created YouTube, Chad worked as a designer at PayPal. He created a PayPal logo that shows his skill. In addition, Chad Hurley is a former CEO and advisor of YouTube. 

He played an important role in developing the video-sharing app with his excellent design skills. He provided a user-friendly platform that lets the user share and upload videos effortlessly. 

In addition, Chad is a co-founder and an investor in MixBit, which is the video editing tool. At present, he is an inspiring entrepreneur and webmaster in America.

Co-founder of YouTube Chad’s Biography 

chad hurley

Chad Hurley was born on January 24th, 1977 in Reading, Pennsylvania. His parents are Joann and Don Hurley. 

Besides, Chad is a second son in his family and he has two siblings: one sister and one brother. 

The American businessman spent his childhood with his family in the Vicinity of Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. 

He was interested in arts and design at a very young age. At the age of twelve, Chad showed interest in electronic media and technology. 

Also, he learned web design and HTML programs on his own. Chad Hurley was talented in both sports and education. 

He was a part of the Twin Valley High School cross-country team that helped them win PIAA state titles two times in 1992 and 1994. 

Chad completed his secondary education in 1995 at Twin Valley High School. 

In addition, he earned his degree in fine arts in 1999 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

The Career of American Entrepreneur Chad Hurley

Let’s discuss the career journey of Chad Hurley (American entrepreneur) here


After completing his graduate degree, Chad met with talented engineers Jawed Karim and Steve Chan. They had an idea for a video-sharing platform. With their design skill, they created YouTube in 2005. Their team put more effort into making the video streaming platform a success. 

Within eighteen months, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006. Chad got his share of $345 million and invested their money in various ways. He also stepped down as the CEO and advisor of YouTube. At present, YouTube has become a leading video streaming platform in the world. Millions of people around the world watch and share videos on the platform. YouTube has a vast range of content for all age groups that make it stand out from the crowd.

AVOS System 


In 2011, Chad founded AVOS Systems (a System software company). It is one of the private companies, which has been in the sector for more than twelve years. 

In addition, the company concentrates on the Internet sector. Currently, he is CEO and Co-founder of AVOS Systems.


After selling YouTube, Chad decided to start a new venture, MixBit. It comes with amazing features that enable people to edit their photos on their handset without trouble. Notably, at that time, it was an extraordinary idea. 

MaxBit application works smoothly like other popular applications such as Instagram, Vyclone, Vine, and more. 

It has a simple interface and amazing editing tools that make it trouble-free to edit, record, and share videos from the smartphone directly. Besides, this app enables the user to make videos from one second to one hour as per their preference.

Formula One

Co-founder of YouTube made a major investment in the Formula One (US F1 Team). It is a vital motorsport championship and Formula One had to shut down unofficially in 2010 because its personnel were dismissed suddenly.

Personal Life of Chad Hurley

chad hurley family

In 2006, Chad married Kathy Clark who is the daughter of tech billionaire James H. Clark. He established Netscape and a web browser company. Also, James H. Clark invested his money timely in top companies such as Twitter, Apple, and Facebook. 

The couple has two children and they kept their names out of the public eye. 

Co-founder of YouTube, Chad divorced Kathy Clark in 2014 and got married to Elise Walden. 

He spends time on philanthropic and personal activities that show balanced approaches to life outside the business actions. 

Also, Chad Hurley has accounts on social media platforms. Let’s see his social media accounts

  • Chad Hurley has over 26.9k followers on Instagram – @chad_hurley 
  • More than 22.7k people subscribe to Chad on YouTube – @chad

He has more than 612.9K followers on Twitter – @Chad_Hurley

Achievements and Awards

chad hurley awards

The following are the achievements and awards received by Chad Hurley

  • 2006 – Chad ranked 28th place on the Business 2.0’s list as “50 People Who Matter Now”
  • 2007 – Steve Chen and Chad got the “Award of Webby People of the Year.” 
  • 2008 – he received the PGA Vanguard Award for outstanding achievement in new media and technologies. 
  • 2010 – he was awarded the Streamys Visionary Award. 
  • 2019 – Chad Hurley got recognition for his support to the Venture capital industry from the “National Venture Capital Association.”

FAQs about Chad Hurley Net Worth

Following are the few interesting questions answered about Chad Hurley.

Who is the wife of Chad Hurley?

The co-founder of YouTube Chad’s first wife was Kathy Clark. In 2020 Hurley got married to Elise Walden.

How does the co-founder of YouTube Chad Hurley make money?

Chad Hurley, YouTube co-founder makes money in different ways such as being an advisor to YouTube. Also, he invested money in many startups such as 
– Leeds United 
– Practical Venture Capital 
– Golden State Warriors and more

How old is YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley?

Chad Hurley was born in January 1977 and he is 46 years old.

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Final Words about Chad Hurley Net Worth

In closing, Chad Hurley went from humble designer roots to co-founding YouTube which Google bought for over a billion dollars just a year and a half later. 

Chad Hurley worked very hard with his friends to create YouTube. His hard work paid him back in a huge way. He made hundreds of millions more dollars from businesses like AVOS Systems and MixBit too. 

Chad Hurley went from having almost no money to becoming extremely rich. His life story inspires people. It proves if you really want something and never give up, you can do amazing things. Even if things get very hard, you can make it happen.

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