Can Niches REALLY Be Saturated?

No. Never. We live in abundance.

Saying niches can be saturated is like a guppy sitting at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, panicking for not having enough opportunities for breathing water, because too many guppies are around, gobbling up all of the water. Meh. Not true. Silly will stuff here. Scarcity consciousness in action. Poverty consciousness in action.

I want to coach or coax you out of this scared way of blogging. Think about it guys; most humans vibe fear. Vibing fear, bloggers believe too many folks work a specific niche. Resulting in the appearance or illusion of niche saturation. Not true. All illusions and appearances are not true, real or genuine because each exists due to fear in the minds of folks creating these illusions. But if you feel and release the fear, you slowly but surely realize we in fact live in abundance. No shortage of anything exists, save generosity and creativity. Doesn’t that sound awesome-sauce? I figured you’d like that one!

Why is saturation impossible? No limits to ideas, consciousness or generosity exist in an abundant Universe. PLUS, competition is impossible in an abundant Universe. Bloggers fear going up against bloggers in the same niche. Hence saturation fears. But the moment you begin working for and with these folks, competition disappears, saturation disappears, and you both begin making more blogging money and driving more sugary sweet, nectar-like, delicious blogging traffic. Sounds good, right?

Versus fearing loss by going against people and competing with bloggers, you love gain by working with and for bloggers in your niche. Every guest post I write and publish helps me and Nazim. He gets more free blog traffic. I get more free blog traffic, eBook sales, all that good stuff. Win-win. Sure we both work the same blogging tips niche. Who the hell cares? Why foolishly go AGAINST bloggers in your niche because you FEAR these kind souls when you can work WITH bloggers in your niche from energies of love-abundance, so you both make more money? No brainer to me.

But you need to face, feel and release your fear of loss, and the adjacent fears of competition, saturation and scarcity, to get through this mental head trash. This journey feels quite uncomfortable because no one enjoys exploring deep fears. I liken it to receiving a colonoscopy with a spiked mace. Ouch. That’s rough. But on the other side of your deep fears – and deeper, more intimate, emotional exploration – you come out on the other side, smelling like roses. Just like the colonoscopy….oh, sorry about that. Analogy was a softball. Too easy to slap out of the park.

You and I live in abundance. Help your fellow bloggers in as many ways as possible. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. In time, with supreme patience, good things will flow your way. Traffic, profits, rocking partnerships with kind, loving bloggers like Nazim. All falls into place so freaking nicely if you just put in the time and help bloggers by noting ’em on your blog, by promoting these folks on social media and by commenting genuinely on their blogs. All bloggers love generous bloggers. Generous bloggers get stupid connected, rising above the poverty conscious plane of saturation and competition.

Why fear bloggers and work against them when you can love bloggers and co-create with them, to drive more traffic and to make more money? Be smart. Make friends. Experience blogging success with greater ease. Teamwork makes the blogging dream work.


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