Blogs Require Financial Investment

I come across many bloggers who want to blog for free. Some care not to spend a single penny on blogging. But nothing is free in this world. Successful bloggers invest money in a domain and hosting, per minimum. These folks invest more money in themes, education and whatever else needs investing to reach the next level of blogging success.

I invested quite some dough over the years in my blogging campaign because blogging intelligently requires a financial investment. First off, buy your online real estate. Nobody trusts bloggers working on free platforms because unless you own your blog, you are a user, not a blogger. Please think that idea through. All folks happy to use free platforms do not succeed because free platforms ensure users, not bloggers, work these platforms. How can you be taken seriously if you do not invest a few bucks monthly for hosting, or, $15 yearly for a domain? How can someone trust bloggers not committed enough to spend a few bucks on their blogs? Nothing emits an amateur image more than bloggers afraid to invest a few bucks in their blogging business. Blogs require financial investment. Point blank. Yep; it takes money to make money because owning cyber real estate positions you to brand and monetize your blog effectively. Own your blog to impress readers, to build a pro brand image and to monetize blogs intelligently.

Free blogging platforms rarely allow you to profit through free blogs because you pay for nothing so you get nothing, profit-wise. Google allows Adsense monetizing on Blogspot blogs but WordPress dot com allows no monetizing at all. Think that through for a moment. The platform offers a free solution but does not let you make one dime on the blog. How do you profit if a platform makes it impossible to profit? Not gonna happen. Invest money in your self-hosted blog to be taken seriously, to profit through endless channels and to build a professional brand. I monetize through any income streams on my self-hosted blog because I invested money in my domain and hosting, to do so. We have the right to add as many income channels as we want through a self-hosted blog. Invest money in blogging to make more money through blogging. This idea seems easy to grasp blogging-wise but difficult to embrace sometimes because blogging seems different from offline life.

Think for a second about renting a storefront and investing capital for a bagel shop. Makes sense, eh? At least if you want to earn a profit, investing money in the business is the way to profit handsomely. Does anyone run a bagel shop  for free, out of their parent’s home? Nope. Does anyone grab free bagels bought by their parents to sell bagels, without investing a penny? Nope. Why do bloggers believe Blogspot blogs yield any sizable profits? Investing no money in free platforms is like opening a bagel store in your parent’s house for free. Expect to make zero bucks through either business venture. But investing money in either gig ensures you build business the right way, online or offline.


Do you want to build a blog but have only a few bucks to invest? Almost all bloggers boot strap the early part of their blogging journey because few have financial means to throw big bucks at their blog. That’s where I come in. I built my blog on a fairly tight budget for a bit before investing more freely of my money, time and talents. How? I discuss in my eBook. Buy it here:

How to Build a Blog on a Shoestring Budget

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