Blogs Are Not ATMs

Blogs are not ATMs. But blogs are channels through which you can help people. Think of a blog as a channel of communication. Publish content. Help people. Be generous. Be patient. Be persistent. But never begin blogging with the sole idea to make money online. Because blogging mainly to make money conditions you to see your blog like an ATM. Money is in consciousness. Money is an idea in your mind. Blogs simply give you one channel through which you can receive money, but the idea in your mind and the skills you need to develop are the genuine money makers.

For example, I am creating my 9th post of the day after being busy as a bee here in NYC. Me and my wife arrived today for a 3 week trip to Brooklyn. I write these words at 11:30 PM to publish the guest post. Why? Leaving your comfort zone leads to growth and success expansion. But the more I help people, the more I succeed. My blog – Blogging From Paradise – is useless by itself. My blog is completely worthless unless I put in the time to practice, to develop my skills, to create content and to build connections with fellow bloggers. Being up at midnight on a Saturday evening is flat out what it takes to reach all those goals. My blog makes me money not because I viewed my blog as a money maker, but because I practiced blogging, created and connected for thousands of hours.

Blogs Are Not ATMs 2

Of course, newbie bloggers make the common mistake of seeing their blogs like ATMs. New bloggers see dollar signs and want to cash in FAST. Naturally, these guys and gals expect to make money blogging hours, days or weeks after beginning to blog, practicing for only 5, 10 or 30 hours. Really? What business yields profits after you put in 30 hours of practice? How much money did Jeff Bezos make after working on Amazon for 30 hours? Do you think he saw Amazon as an ATM? Of course not. Successful business ventures and successful blogs require thousands of hours of work through generous service, until the venture and blog takes off. In truth, the business is never an ATM. The business is a means through which you help people. But your blogging skills ultimately yield the greatest profits. No new blogger develops skills fast because it requires years before you become skilled, well known and credible enough to become a full time blogger. Never see your blog as an ATM because the money is in your mind, as a generous idea. The money is in your practice, your service, your work, and your useful business.

See your blog as a way to help people. Be generous, patient and persistent in helping people. Eventually, the money comes. But only after you genuinely put in the time, and this time spans years of your life. ATMs spit out cash instantly, within seconds. Blogging businesses slowly, steadily yield profits over the course of years. Does *that* sound like an ATM to you?


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