Blogging: Where You Are Headed Matters Most

Do not worry about where you are at now, blogging-wise. Accept it. Embrace the moment. Where are you headed? This is all that matters.

Never get lost in stats, trends and comparisons. I hurt my blogging growth for years because I foolishly compared myself to fellow bloggers, tracking growth with an eye on how bloggers in my niche seemed to be doing. Bad move. I felt like I came up short, compared to other bloggers. I finally realized how we all walk a different blogging path, being unique, and wishing to have genuine experiences for learning. Everybody grows at different rates. But we all sit in the perfect place, at the perfect time. Blogging-wise and life-wise, you NEED to be where you are at right now for the greatest growth, expansion, fulfillment and freedom. Stop judging yourself. Embrace your current blogging space. You need to be where you are now, to learn lessons. Perhaps you need to learn how to be grateful. Or maybe you need to learn how to better serve fellow bloggers generously. Maybe you need to begin networking freely versus trying to do it all on your own. If so, buy my blogger networking eBook.

I had to learn the network lesson the hard way, being a blogging lone wolf for much of my first few years online. I soon figured out making friends by helping bloggers made my life easier. Heading in a new, freeing, successful direction, blogging did not seem to be as difficult. Even if I appeared to struggle at times I saw potential through generously networking with top bloggers. All slowly but surely came together because I did not fixate on where I appeared to be. I focused on my fun, freeing intent and decided to look where I was heading.

Blogging: Where You Are Headed Matters Most 2

Look to your goals, hopes and dreams. See how things come together for you blogging-wise. Where you seem headed counts most, even if you appear to struggle now. But in the same breath, be at peace with where you are. I know you believe you should be further along. But could and should do not exist in blogging. Every blogger blogs in the perfect place, at the perfect time, right now. See where you are now. Accept your current blogging circumstances. Learn from mistakes. Own your failure, and struggles. Then, set a new blogging course in a successful direction. My blogging career changed the moment I ceased fighting my blogging circumstances and simply accepted where I was. Fight ending, I felt at peace for the first time during my blogging career. I became generous. Networking felt easier. Creating content felt easier, too. I wasted no energy fighting my results. I had to be where I was, to learn lessons, and to also begin seeing a bright, new future through blogging.

Hug now. Accept everything in your life. Feel calm. Relax. Then, chart a new blogging course in a successful direction. Gobble up opportunities to help people left and right. Be generous. Trust in yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Accept your current circumstances and head toward a bright, prospering blogging future.

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