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Rethink blogging marketing. Versus trying to figure out how to market YOUR blog, take the reverse route. Market other blogger’s blogs. Mention other bloggers. Promote other bloggers. Feature other bloggers. Does this seem backwards? Tell your ego to be silent. Because promoting bloggers is the fastest, easiest way to market your blog. How? Why? Every blogger you market or promote tends to consider befriending you. Some DO befriend you. Blogging friends market your blog. Think mentions. Ponder features. While most struggle like heck to market their blogs through channels, connected bloggers observe blogging buddies mention their blogs via retweets, Facebook Shares and mentions on their blogs. Build a friend network. Friends market your blog around the clock. Passive traffic. Passive profits. Simple blogging. Powerful blogging.

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging leverages your presence – buy it, read it, use it – because I discuss concepts for creating content and befriending bloggers both optimizing your blogging marketing mojo. Focus on making friends. Friends market you in increasing numbers, around the clock. But bloggers usually take the opposite approach. Imagine a typical new blogger desire. New bloggers think only of themselves. Newbies want to know how to market their blogs. What spots seem best for marketing? How many spots seems like a good number? Newbies just want to copy and paste links in many spots to succeed. Blogging never seems to be that easy or simple. Anyone who copies and pastes links to market learns how nobody cares about bloggers who care not about fellow bloggers. Re-read that statement. Nobody cares about bloggers who only copy and past links to 20 or 50 or 100 spots because copying and pasting displays no generosity, networking or compassion. Mindless activities yield mindless results. Of course, promoting other bloggers on your Facebook and Twitter draws bloggers to you. Generosity prospers. Kindness attracts.

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Bloggers love generous bloggers. Generous bloggers make many blogging buddies appreciating their kindness. Imagine 20 bloggers marketing your blog on Twitter and Facebook. Envision that approach versus you copying and pasting your latest blog post to 20 Facebook Groups. Deem the more intelligent approach. Do you see why trying to market your blog solo leads to failure? Nobody cares about copy and pasters. But do you also see why marketing fellow bloggers leads to success? Thousands of bloggers care about generous bloggers. Thousands of bloggers market your blog. Oodles of bloggers drive traffic to your blog. Generosity prospers. Generosity wins.

I woke at 7 AM after a few hours of sleep. I plan to go to sleep again in a bit but thought of guest posting on Nazim’s blog to co-create. Of course, I market his blog with passive traffic for him every time I guest post here. I win too. Active traffic flows to Blogging From Paradise through this guest post. I market him and myself to build a deeper bond. Generosity wins. Think about fellow bloggers. Help bloggers freely. Comment genuinely on blogs. Mention fellow bloggers on your blog. Facebook Share posts. Retweet posts. Share posts on LinkedIn. Email blogger links to your list. Help as many bloggers as humanly possible. Market their blogs. Ponder their needs before your own needs. Think outward. Cease making the common inward thinking error. Stop trying to market your blog via your own efforts. Cut out the copy/paste bit. Help bloggers today. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Observe how your generosity creates an army of bloggers who market your blog around the clock.

Give whatever you want. Celebrate your blogging success. Thank me later. Market fellow bloggers. Inspire armies of generous bloggers to market your blog 24-7, 365. Tap into the power of friend leveraging.

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