Blogging Income Tip: Replace Expectations with Appreciation

The easiest way to make more money through your blog is to replace expectations with appreciation. Appreciate every cent you make through blogging – and in life – to boost your blogging income and overall income. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Example; let’s say you make $4 now through an eBook sale. You have a few options:

  • feel incredibly grateful for the money, feeling free and appreciative
  • expect more, feeling like 4 bucks is not enough, feeling broke
  • feel incredibly frustrated that, after working 10 hours daily for months, all you get is a measly 4 bucks in sales

Who makes money blogging more quickly? The appreciative blogger, of course. Give your attention and energy to feeling good about making money and you make more money. Imagine yourself placing orders based on your dominant thoughts and feelings. Rich thinking and rich feeling people move into rich actions and gain increasing riches. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Can you see why most bloggers struggle terribly to make a dime, or, to make a penny? Most bloggers do a horrible job expressing gratitude because we generally grow up in a poverty conscious environment. People work hard at jobs and feel like they never have enough money. Seeing these images, we tend to believe deeply in concepts like poverty, scarcity and not having enough money.

But bloggers who choose to focus on feeling grateful for every cent they earn through blogging – and life – make big time bucks over the long haul because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Feeling appreciative simply expands what you feel thankful for, because whatever you appreciate, appreciates. Maybe your money does not multiply the split second you feel grateful for dough, but perhaps you land a new client down the road, or maybe you get a rich idea, act on in, and boost your blogging profits. Perhaps you feel a nudge to write more guest posts, after you appreciate your latest eBook sale. Do it. Honor the nudge. Write more posts because any nudge you feel while feeling appreciative about money always leads to you making more money, short term and long term.

Blogging Income Tip: Replace Expectations with Appreciation 2

Blogging is between the ears. Think a certain way, feel a certain way, work a certain way, see certain results. Thinking and feeling appreciative just makes success quite a bit easier to attain because you put your attention and energy on success, multiplying your success through your thoughts, feelings and actions. Meanwhile, most bloggers – whether they work generously or not – focus their thoughts and feelings on scarcity, lack, poverty and limitation, so they get a bunch more of these lower energy, terrible, depressing results. Why focus on loss and a lack of appreciation when doing so guarantees your failure? You may as well focus on feeling appreciative for any financial success you experience to begin prospering through your blog from a grateful, intelligent energy.


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