Blogging Disaster or the Springboard to Your Dreams?

Before we dive in guys, I wanted to give you information on the two images in this post. I am snapping a photo in New Zealand and show off the hut-home we lived in, in a remote Costa Rica jungle.

I vividly recall my blog crashing 20 to 30 times a day some 7 years ago. I am not kidding. Load times ran from 5 to 30 seconds. Again, this is not a joke. Why in the heck did I put up with this stuff? I feared spending/losing more money on a different host. I was so happy with my $3 to $7 a month hosting company that I overlooked these disastrous errors. My readers pretty much vanished. The only folks that stuck around either had the patience of Job or were so scared themselves that they saw through this farce.

Eventually, I nutted up, trash the old hosting company and invested more money in a solid reputable host. But before I made that decision I had to embrace the disaster of my blog and its slow load time because you can’t move toward your dreams if you resist disasters. Most bloggers experience fear, see obstacles and choose to focus their attention and energy on the obstacle. It is almost like the obstacle has consumed them. These people never live their dreams because they never learn that you need to face, embrace and feel the fear in your obstacles to learn from the opportunities and move forward towards your dreams.

Every seeming blogging disaster in my life served as a springboard toward my dreams. The disastrous first hosting company I went with propelled me toward the second hosting company which then went South, and then toward the third, my current hosting company. Plus I am on a VPS now. Having a fast loading blog that stays up virtually 100% of the time has helped me live my dreams but I had to learn from past disasters. Never buy cheap hosting. Cheap hosting is cheap for a reason. If you do not learn this lesson you will suffer disaster after disaster and never live your dreams.

Blogging Disaster or the Springboard to Your Dreams? 2

Every obstacle is an opportunity for you to learn from. Every disaster is a simple stepping stone towards your freedom. Every breakthrough I experienced was preceded by some type of breakdown until I learned my lesson. This is not a particularly comfortable process at times but necessary because until you face fear, you cannot live your dreams. Most of society avoids their fears and lives a mediocre life. Why? You cannot sprint forward being burdened by fear. Fear is too heavy a yoke. Focusing on blogging disasters indicates you refuse to feel fears which fuel the disasters.

I recall launching an ebook and selling only a couple of copies over four months. This was one year before I created Blogging From Paradise. Sure it was a disaster but versus complaining about the failure I learned what I needed to do to sell more ebooks down the road. I scrapped this old blog and brand, created Blogging from Paradise, wrote 100 + ebooks and sold a lot more than I sold through my old blog and brand. Again, disaster leading to dreams because I learned from the disaster and removed the emotional charge from the failure.

I read a recent study. Fascinating stuff. 20 millionaires explained how they launched 20 or more failed businesses before becoming millionaires. Failing this much is not necessary but every millionaire fails their way to success for some stint of their business career. Millionaires just learn from disasters really fast versus making the same disastrous mistakes again and again. Bloggers, learn from obstacles. Do not complain about obstacles. Obstacles are opportunities for fear diving, for fear feeling and for rapid growth. Learn from your disasters to make these moments springboards to your wildest blogging dreams.

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