Blogging Braggarts Are Broken

Have you ever come across a blogging braggart? You know who I mean. Bloggers endlessly boasting on their achievements, filled with pride, talking about themselves, their achievements and their feats. Guess what? Even if the initial bragging did not repel you, stay away from these folks. Braggarts? Broken bloggers. Why? Any human being who brags all the time, who boasts continuously and who stresses all their wins, all their successes, does so only because they severely lack confidence, suffering from low self esteem. Do you really want a person who lacks confidence to try to lead you? Heck; in some cases, these folks actually do a pretty good job. I cannot deny it. But this type of blogger leads you astray because nobody can lead with love, empowerment and inspiration if they lack confidence, because we see the world as we see ourselves.

Someone with low self esteem either overcompensates by putting everyone else on a pedestal or decides how everybody else seems to lack confidence, suffering from low self esteem, like themselves. Imagine a mirror effect. This is why ya gotta buy my blogging mindset eBook, to find and ferret these crappy mindsets out, to position yourself to succeed. Blogging gets tougher if your supposed leader does not really know how to lead you because they suffer from low self esteem, their bragging being over compensation, a facade, a veneer, an illusion. Let go these broken folks. Allow them to face their demons and to heal, in their own time. We each walk a different journey. Allow them to live and walk, theirs.

Blogging Braggarts Are Broken 2

Follow loving, empowered, caring people who blog with humility, compassion and a general focus on human beings around them. Follow bloggers confident enough in self to shine the spotlight on other people most of the time. Sure I note some of my neat accomplishments here and there, but rarely. I am clear and confident enough not to have to tell you again and again and again that I am great, that I am wonderful, because I know it on a deeper, cellular level. Since I know it I do not need to boast it, to claim it, because this wonderful nature is simply a part of me. Me boasting about all my accomplishments all day long is like saying,

“I have two arms! Amazing, right?!”

I know I have 2 arms. Big deal. I am grateful for the use of my arms but I do not need to brag about something I am aware of, something I know. Nor do you need to be told I have 2 arms; you see it, and know it. Quickly, you’d get annoyed at me boasting about my 2 arms and you’d stop following my blog. For good reason; I bragged about something that I already knew, something that is a part of me, so that is pretty darn silly, annoying and obviously shows I am a bit loony.

Follow bloggers who generously help people. Follow bloggers who focus on their readers’ success, NOT on themselves and their success. You will go far on this journey by picking empowered, caring, generous mentors. Follow these pros and leave braggarts behind to accelerate your blogging success.

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