Blogger Outreach Begins with Generous Service

I scanned my email a while ago. More than a few people began blogger outreach from energies of taking. Not giving. Now mind you; some of these bloggers deluded self into believing they generously gave. A few folks offered me guest posts. But think about it; none had a blogging name in my niche. All access my name, reputation, brand, traffic and clout by guest posting on my blog. Let’s put it this way; although I am well known blogging-wise, does it give me the right to ask for a free Super Bowl commercial, when 30 seconds of time in front of 1 billion humans costs $1 million? Nope. Pay up. Play up. Or, reach out to me after buying my eBook, hiring me, buying ad space, tweeting me or noting me on your blog.

Buy my blogger outreach eBook. Email me of your purchase. Instantly, I think of one thing: this person genuinely and generously takes an interest in ME…..NOT in what I can do for THEM. Split seconds later, I check their name and store in my consciousness. Generous types cut every greedy, selfish or desperate taker on the line to get Blogging From Paradise features. Thousands line up. Few get noticed. Why? Few generously help me to commence blogger outreach. Most try to get free traffic, publicity and profits by offering me free guest posts or links but every such taker is unknown, possesses few skills and wants access to all I worked for, for free, when nobody knows who they are. Do you see why it’s silly to try to GET something from powerful bloggers who do not need your guest post or link? Pay money to advertise on their blog because serious business people know money opens advertising doors. Or, buy their stuff. Or, hire them. Or, tweet their posts daily for a few weeks.

You need to earn the right to grab the attention of top pros because thousands try to catch their attention, like you. Idiots try to offer worthless pitches, earning nothing by offering nothing. Wise, smart, future pro bloggers – or current pros – begin blogger outreach through acts of generous service. Do you know how many bloggers I generously help daily through guest posting, genuine commenting or by promoting on social or through blog posts? Every generous act is a form of blogger outreach. Some generous acts fortify bonds with long blogging buddies. Other generous acts form bonds with new blogging buddies. Every generous act does right by bloggers and, is doing blogger outreach, right.

Reach out not looking for hand outs, but by offering something valuable, helpful and beneficial. You need to pay your tuition in order to snag someone influential, attention-wise, because most top pros become so used to people who want to take shortcuts, who want it all, for free. AKA, note aforementioned unknown bloggers who offer me a free guest post in exchange for the 5-10 powerful benefits of guest posting on Blogging From Paradise. Buy my eBooks. Buy one of my eBooks. Support me. Generously help me. Promote me. Endorse me. I paid these same dues for years. I moved up in blogging circles through being generous. Ditto for blogging pros before me. We pay dues through being generous toward top pros. How life goes, really. Move higher in blogging circles. Do blogger outreach like powerful pros do. Generously reach out through kind acts. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. All bonds form organically. Guaranteed, building an army of powerful pros in your blogger network does wonders for your blogging business. But you need to begin outreach with generosity to network like a pro.

One Small Favor

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