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I just recorded a two minute long video discussing this same topic. Content is content. Imagine someone beating themselves up because they only publish a 600-word post. After watching my video, this blogger understands that 600-word posts can be valuable content too. It is never the word length but the value you deliver to readers who need it. That 2-minute video will be more valuable than a 2 hour long video if you need to know that content is content.

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Help people. Then exit stage left and let the content promote itself a little bit. Solve problems then get off the stage. Never get caught up in imaginary valuable word counts. Nobody needs to publish a 1000-word blog post. I have been publishing 1000-word blog posts and guest posts because it felt good but today, it feels good to publish an 800-word guest post. So I do it. 800 words is just as valuable as 1,000 words if you get clear on content being content.

Don’t get caught up in the length of videos, the word counts of blog posts and all that stuff. As a benchmark, reach 600 words as a blog post minimum. Most bloggers and readers agree that this is the minimum amount of words to use to get your point across. From there, relax. Writing longer form posts can keep people on site for a longer time. This can be a good thing. But if the 1000-word post is bloated then it is a bad thing because readers want value, not bloat.

Simply be generous and follow your intuition. I intuitively have felt good for the past few weeks publishing 1000-word posts. But if I publish this 800-word post on content being content, and it reaches you because you’ve been beating yourself up over imaginary statistics, video length, word counts and all that jazz, this 800-word post will be incredibly valuable to you. I mean the post would have been valuable at even 600 words. Nobody needs to reach an imaginary word count length for the post to be valuable. Value is in your clarity and in the eye of the reader.

Most readers want a blogger to solve their problems. Some readers want a blogger to inspire them to live their dreams. If I could solve your problem in 600 words or a thousand words or two thousand words it doesn’t matter. Don’t get caught up in word count because doing so is an unnecessary burden on your blogging back. Don’t believe that a 30 minute video is more valuable than a 3-minute video. The value is in your clarity, confidence and in the core message of what you create.

Do what feels good to you even if it feels a little uncomfortable to do it. Do what feels generous to you even if it feels a little bit uncomfortable. I have been increasing the length of my podcasts up to 10 minutes or more but feel okay doing a three minute podcast. Doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I solve my reader’s problems. Solving problems matters most to me and you. Beyond that, I just aim for 600 words per blog post or guest post and reach up to about a thousand. But no more. Anything past 1,000 and I begin attaching to the post from an energy of fear, trying to squeeze as much out of the blog post as possible. Bad move. For me, it’s better to move on to the next blog post or guest post.

But that just feels good to me and I feel clear on it. You may be different. But please stop beating yourself up over a single blog post because you think arbitrary word counts matter most. No they don’t. Solving someone’s problem in 600 plus words matters most. Feel free to go long form but understand that content is content. Do what feels clearest to you. This is why I spend so much time in quiet. Doing yoga and meditating allows me to see what works for me and also works for my readers. Today, I am a busy bee. Me and my wife are selling the house. We had to meet with a realtor and his repairman.

Plus I had to do some work involving cleaning vents of the central air unit, clearing stuff out of the house, and helping my wife with various other house stuff. Since I’m busy as can be offline, it’s 800 words or less online for my blog posts or guest posts today. Whether I write 600 or eight hundred or thousand words, content is content. Solve problems. Prosper. Don’t get too caught up in blog post length or video length because it’s the message not the length which makes the greatest impact.


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