Beginning Bloggers Take Baby Steps Not a Quantum Leap

Would you give the keys for a Ferrari to a three year old?

Of course not.

The three-year-old would not know what to do with the keys to a Ferrari or any car.

This is why new bloggers need to take baby steps when starting out. Forget the Quantum Leap. I can write and publish 5 to 10 or more posts daily because I took baby steps for very many years.

10 years ago I could not write one blog post daily. But I took baby steps, practiced my writing and now I can take what appears to be a Quantum Leap. But only because I took those baby steps.

Blogging is simple.

Learn how to blog from top pros. Practice your writing daily.

Create help content. Build meaningful connections with top bloggers. Open multiple streams of income. As a new blogger, you may be tempted to take a Quantum Leap beyond all those steps to make a profit.

You have eyes for money. So you want to make a Quantum Leap to get the money quickly. I get it. I have been in your shoes.

But if you try to take a Quantum Leap you will trip and fall. Nobody is that good. Nobody is that skilled as a newbie blogger.

We all have to put in our time.

Beginning Bloggers Take Baby Steps Not a Quantum Leap 2

As a new blogger. You need to crawl first. Then you walk. Then you jog. Then you run.

I am at the sprinting stage of blogging because I spent thirty thousand hours blogging over the past decade of my life.

Until you spend 30,000 hours blogging, you cannot create videos, blog posts and guest posts as easily as I can.

I look like a natural but that’s just 30,000 hours of blogging practice.

Does blogging look like it comes easy to me? For the most part, it does come easy to me. But only after 30,000 hours of blogging practice.

Putting in those 30,000 hours of blogging practice was highly uncomfortable at times. But I put in the time, practiced blogging and here I am.

Blogging does get easier over time if you put in the time.

Does blogging feel uncomfortable during your newbie blogger days? Of course. Blogging feels uncomfortable for all of us. Ride out these uncomfortable periods. Eventually, blogging will get easier.

But you need to wade through your fears and be a little uncomfortable at times to put in the practice that improves your blogging skills.

B patient. Resist the urge to try to take a Quantum Leap. You cannot do it. You will fall flat on your face if you try to sprint when you should be crawling. Learn the blogging basics.

Practice your writing daily. Build strong connections with top bloggers. In time,  by being patient, persistent, and generous, you will make a long-term quantum leaps by taking baby step after baby step every single day of your life with your blog.

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