Be Careful about Posting Daily as a New Blogger

Do you have the drive, focus, experience, clarity and vision, to post daily as a new blogger? In most cases, no way. Do not post daily as a newbie or at best, be very careful about posting daily as a newbie. Likely, you lack the drive to write and publish one meaningful, helpful, clear, valuable post daily. Few bloggers have the laser-like focus you need to publish daily. Almost ALL newbies have NOT enough experience to call upon, to publish daily. Virtually every new lacks clarity because your mind is clouded in doubt and fear, blogging-wise. Vision? How many of you new bloggers have a crystal clear vision of your dream life? Sorry guys; not many of you. I know. I have been in your newbie blogger shoes. Most new bloggers just want to publish a post and get some traffic; not visionary stuff, to me.

Relax. Pump your blogging brakes just a little bit. Intend to write and publish one blog post weekly. Crawl, before you stand up. Stand up for a bit, before you walk. Walk, for a while, before you jog. Jog for a bit, before you run. Run for a bit, before you flat out sprint. Respect the progress, and, respect the process. No new blogger has the mental faculties to write and publish clear, quality blog posts daily, save a few special gems. If you are a gem, good on you; you have clarity. Rare you are, though. Publish weekly or maybe 2 times weekly if you feel your new blogging oats. Nobody needs to publish posts daily to succeed – newbie or veteran – because blogging is not a numbers game, but energy game.

Be Careful about Posting Daily as a New Blogger 2

As I noted, respect the process. New bloggers slowly but steadily need to learn blogging, practice blogging, create content and build connections. How can you do all of these things at once? How can you expect to master these steps simultaneously? Nobody can do everything at once. We all need to learn slowly, steadily and patiently, to become successful. Becoming successful entails patiently growing into the blogger who eventually publishes daily, if that blog post frequency is the proper path for you. Maybe posting weekly works for you. Or perhaps posting 2-3 times weekly works best for you. Do not put yourself under the pressure of trying to write and publish a blog post every single day because you almost always need ample experience and skills to stick to such an ambitious blog posting schedule.

Wild excitement and deluded ambition create a pair deadly to your blogging success. New bloggers wildly build themselves up into an excited, frenzied vibe and being mired in this fear-based energy, develop a deluded ambition far beyond what they are capable of achieving. Like….imagine being super excited about picking up a basketball for the first time, and wildly setting a completely deluded goal of being better than Lebron James and winning an NBA championship in 3 years. WHAT?! You have not made your high school team yet! Slow down, young grasshopper. Being the best player on earth and winning an NBA title may happen after you practice basketball for 20,000 hours of your life. First, you have to make your high school freshman team.


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